Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 78 Swatches & Review

Guest Review by CSP Ballal (Light Skin tone, Dry to Normal Skin type)

When I got introduced to Inglot, I understood why every body raved so much about the brand. Now with every passing day, my love and respect for the brand increases. Its an exponential growth of love with Inglot, and with their super affordable freedom system!!!

My take on Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 78:

According to me, thus number 78 shade is is one of its kind. A perfect for all brown lovers.  And this brown  is not a dull , boring brown but its a beautiful earthy, brown with a touch of  an orange twist in it….almost a terracotta tile color . Don’t you feel? It just looks very beautiful and bright too on fair skin, not dull at all and im sure dusky skintones will absolutely carry off this color with ease as well.

The creamy lipstick does show up its original color with just a small amount of swiping on the lips. It does not dry my lips and puts up its show for a minimum of 5 hours. That is more than enough for me.   As long as it stays on my lips, I have not noticed it fading off easily. In terms of packaging, these are refill pans that Inglot gives for 250 Rs each so these are nice to collect, but obviously managing them is a bit difficult because they dont come with lids and you need to have an organised palette and a lip brush..yada yada. Having said that, i still keep going back to Inglot because this seems to be the most affordable way to try out new , top quality lipstick shades.

inglot-freedom-system-lipstick-78-1 inglot-freedom-system-lipstick-78-3 inglot-freedom-system-lipstick-78-4


Rating: A

Price: Rs 250/-

Recommendation: If you are confident of managing the flat round pan, then 78 is an absolutely stunning terracotta, warm brown that will be super flattering on Indian skintones. This isnt a wierd aunty-brown, this is a polished , sophisticated earthy brown that is a must try according to me !

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