Are you ready to take sides girls? Because come April 25th , you need to pick whether you are the girl next door Betty, or the glamorous Veronica when Mac Archies Girls releases in India !! Here is a tiny preview of two of the products of the collection (I will definitely be purchasing more on my own-specially the Betty Bright Lipstick, and a few lipglosses as well, Indepth reviews and swatches for everything will be available soon).




Mac Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Pallette


Mac Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Pallette



Mac Mall Madness Lipglossmac-archies-girls4

Initial Thoughts: I was surprised by how good Mall Madness looked on the lips. It did not look purple at all, more like a nice onion pink though it is a lot sheerer than other Mac Lipglasses. The eyeshadow quad i didnt test out as yet, but i definitely like the dark chocolate brown shade an the biscuit colored shade, i think they work nicely for a neutral work eye. Would have switched up the pastels to something else though!

PS: These Products were sent by PR

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