mac-mall-madness3 While eating beef might give you Mad Cow Disease, staying around Delhi women for too long gives you another epidemic called “Mall Madness”. Take it from someone who has suffered from this deadly epidemic for 24 years. Symptoms :

1. Cravings to visit the mall , even when at work to see if something new has opened

2. Eating atleast one cocoberry fro-yo every time you are in the mall

3.Being able to notice when the store displays change “Ooh, that skirt wasnt there the last time”

4. In some rare cases, it also causes you to have ninety degree angle syndrome. That’s holding your elbow at a perfect 90 degree angle to perch your latest designer handbag ! (Seriously, what is up with Delhi women and their obsession with their LV’s being perched at a perfect 90 degree angle)


Anyway, whether or not you are a mall rat, Mac Mall Madness lip gloss is definitely worth a shopping spree!! Mall Madness is part of the Veronica Collection of Archie’s Girls and Mac describes it as a mid-tone pink violet. Usually, that description would have me running in the other direction as fast as Archie runs away from Big Moose, but this violet is different! It is  more of an onion pink on the lips with a hint of a plum undertone. I think because it is semi sheer, the strong purple undertone is quite toned down and not so obvious, and ends up looking like a pretty plum pink on the lips with soft gold and fuschia shimmer. This is definitely a great color for all skin tones -i think darker girls can rock this shade just as much as paler ones.

In terms of texture, Mac Lipglasses are quite sticky and im not a big fan of the stickiness in general but i can deal with it since they do last long (4+ hours). The thing about Mall Madness though, is that its quite sheer in a way. Sure it looks quite pigmented the minute you put it on, but after about 15 minutes or so i can start to see my natural lip color peeking through-not very flattering that! Lipglasses cling to your lips, and i do love the finish and the way they look. They are comfortable to wear and non drying.

mac-mall-madness4 mac-mall-madness


Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation: Mac Mall Madness Lipglass is a pretty plum pink with soft shimmer that looks great on the lips! Mac Lipglasses in general are semi sheer and  are quite thick and sticky, and this one is exactly that. I like a bit more pigment to my glosses  and a bit more runny-ness of formula , but having said that this is a great color!

PS: Sent by PR. Honest Review. Swear on Jughead (I love his character,i would never kill him!)

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