Maybelline India Hyper Sharp Liner Review

Now usually, if someone got something ‘Hyper Sharp’ near me, i would freak out , run like a baby and yell “GET THAT POKY THING AWAY FROM ME”. I hate poky things ok, they remind me of injections and there is nothing in the world that freaks me out more than injections . (Iv got em in the wierdest places i think that’s why im so terrified………..i mean my eye and mouth…………not in wierd plastic surgery enhancing kind of places if that’s what you thought!)  Yeah so coming to the point- me no like the pokey, but the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner may look super sharp and scary but  actually its pretty awesome !!!

That nib is definitely the skinniest nib of any liner i have ever seen. That nib is a size zero, minus one (Actually .05mm to be exact)  which basically means that if you like very defined and precisely lined eyes then Maybelline Hyper Sharp is the liner for you! It’ s also an incredibly easy liner to apply, so if you feel like liquid liners come out all shaky on you- try the hyper sharp, its really a piece of cake! Its also really well pigmented, so you just need one stroke. However, having a skinny nib can also have it downside- it takes much longer to get a medium thickness swipe on your eye, you will have to go back and forth because one swipe is very very thin.

In terms of longevity, the liner lasts all day without fading. It’ s not waterproof, but iv found that it doesn’t run even if you put a whole lot of water on it. Infact, only if you rub it lightly with warm water does it rub off, which i can totally deal with since i hate stubborn eyeliners.

Pros of Maybelline Hyper Sharp:

  • Pigmented
  • Super Smooth
  • Super Easy to Apply
  • Can easily make precise lines & patterns if you wish!
  • Long Lasting and does not fade
  • Nice Glossy Black Finish

Cons of Maybelline Hyper Sharp

  • If you do like medium thickness or thick eyeliner, it takes much longer to do that with this one !
  • All Felt tip liners tend to dry up, im pretty sure this one will too.


maybelline-hyper-sharp-liner1 maybelline-hyper-sharp-liner2 maybelline-hyper-sharp-liner3

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 375 approx (I’m not sure, correct me girls)

Recommendation: The Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner is a super duper easy to apply felt tip liner with a super skinny nib that you can use for really well defined , precise eyes! Its a great eyeliner for beginners, as well as for liner veterans- pigmented, super smooth and long lasting!

PS: The injections i was talking about- got four in my mouth when i had braces, and two inside my eye. Yes inside my eyelid for sty removal…Awful.

Edit: If you have super oily lids, this may not last as long as this does on me…

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