People say eyes are supposed to be  the window into your soul….umm…im sorry but i kind of think that job is done by your facebook profile . I mean, my eyes don’t say im a SUITS addict, or that i love Peanut Butter & Chocolate Popcorn….all they say in the morning is “I need more sleep & more food before you poke me with any black liner thingies missy” . Anyway , window or no window …here are some ways in how changing your eyeliner can change the shape of  your eye (They arent going to turn triangular no matter how hard you try ok. Lets keep it real now).


1. To Elongate your eye from left to right: Thicker at the outer corner, thinner on the inside


If you have eyes that are small in width, i.e they are relatively close set and smaller from left to right, then apply eyeliner so that its thicker on the outer edge and thinnest on the inner edge. This gives an illusion of a longer eye shape. My natural eye shape on the left is pretty elongated from left to right itself so this is not how i usually apply eyeliner.


1. To Open your eye from top to bottom: Thickest in the middle


If you see my natural eye shape, you will notice that though they are pretty long from left to right, proportionally they are much smaller from top to bottom. How i apply eyeliner to open up my eye for a doe eyed look usually is to keep my liner thickest in the middle and tapering at either ends. This balances out the longer width and gives an appearance of a wider eye.


 3.To make your lashes appear thicker: Closest to the lash line

Peachesandblush114If you dont like wearing eyeliner that looks obvious but just want the illusion of thicker lashes, draw a thin line just at the edge of your lash line and use a kohl pencil to fill your upper rim .

4. To Lift up Droopy eyes: The Winged out liner


If your eyes curve slightly downward at the edges, almost given you a slightly sad expression, then this kind of flick will lift them up and make them the center of attention. For large eyes like miner, this kind of eyeliner becomes too dramatic , but for smaller droopy eyes the flick at the end lifts up your eye and makes it stand out!


4. For Dramatic Eyes that Stand Out: Line Upper and Lower Rim But Different liner techniques for small and large eyes

Lining both the upper and lower rim will definitely put your eyes into focus. But how you line them makes all the difference.


For small eyes:



Notice how not only there is a gap, but the liner on the bottom rim has not been joined with the liner on the top rim?

– For smaller eyes, if you want to line your eye on the bottom, dont line it inside the waterline. Leave that inside edge blank and line it just below it , where your bottom lashes grow from. Also do  not join your lower liner to the upper liner on the outer edge if you have smaller eyes. Instead, sweep up the upper liner and let the lower liner be a clean line.You will still get a dramatic  eye but without closing your eye up.

 For large eyes like mine, using  a thick line on the upper lash line and lining the lower rim on the inside edge works . This is because lining the lower rim on the inside waterline, tends to make you eye appear a tad bit smaller, so those with bigger eyes can take that risk and still make their eyes stand out .

For Large Eyes:


I used the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner for all the looks created in this post!



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