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As i was packing my bag to attend a family event in Hyderabad i realised i really need a good, organised travel makeup kit. What would your dream kit look like? I know i want mine to be like something i saw once- a stiff acrylic case inside a plastic pouch and that case can just come out and then be placed on your dresser- so you have a travelling dresser ! Would also probably want nice sections for everything- maybe soft pouches for hairbrushes and makeup brushes so their bristles dont get ruined . Seperate compartments for dry and wet makeup etc…
What about you? How would you design a travel makeup kit?

PS: Im off to Hyderabad for the weekend !!! YIPPPEEEEEEE !!!!! I think im the only crazy person who gets this excited to go to her in-laws house. But honestly, Hyderabad is like ultimate relaxation destination for me !

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