inglotp-freedom-system-lipstick-swatches-002 As im rushing out of the door for a Friday Movie (its been ages since i got off work early!) , i thought id compile a Fridays 5 list of Inglot Lipsticks for you! Inglot Freedom System lipsticks are genius ways to test out shades!!! They come for 250/- per pan and you can choose from a range of colors. The only annoying thing is you need a lip brush with these, but apart from that -total value for money girls!!!! Click the names below to take you to individual lipstick reviews and detailed swatches.

1. Inglot 01 Lipstick: Numero Uno is really my numero uno in Inglot! One of my favourite Inglot lipsticks ever, this is an absolutely beautiful, summery coral orange. Think Mac Crosswires, but peachier and prettier! If you are a coral lover then your stash is incomplete without Inglot 01.

2.Inglot 55 Lipstick: The Classic, dusty rose pink that all Indian girls love to have atleast one of ! Sure its a dupe-able color, but at this price who needs a dupe? Perfect for light to medium skintones as a soft wash of cloudy pink, though may wash out deeper skin tones.

3.Inglot #37 Lipstick: A very close brother of Mac Scarlet Ibis (I have an incessant need to assign gender to makeup products), it’s  a beautiful orangey red. Perfect for warmer skintones who want a red lipstick with a kick that doesnt make them look like a vampire!!!

4.Inglot #25 Lipstick: A lovely, muted nude that looks like caramel honey (not that there is such a thing known as caramel honey but thats what this reminds me of). This one will probably suit the paler skintones better, and those who dont have pigmented lips should take a shot at this. Those who have deeper lips may not enjoy the pale contrast of this lipstick

5.Inglot #82 Lipstick: A pretty, ruby pink jewel toned color that will flatter the cooler , paler skintones just as much as the deeper ones. This reminds me of Red Wine!

Okay, so im back from the movie (I had written uptil point 3 before i had to leave). Saw Bombay Talkies..wasnt bad actually but definitely something i could have seen on DVD and been just as happy. Anyone else super excited for Jawani Deewani? Im obsessed with the Balam Pichkari song. Like OBSESSED is not the word people!

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