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Colorbar Eyeshadow in Star Violet: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya R

Product Description:

The Eye Shadow is a pigmented powder that gives the eyes a shine and pearl-like effect. Ultra fine in texture, it is easy to blend while its moisturising agent keeps your eyelids soft and smooth. This product is long lasting and fade resistant.


My Views

I love  blues in my eyeshadow collection but I never really had a real violet/purplish blue color in my stash and the void was filled by Colorbar Eyeshadow in Star Violet. Star Violet to me is a true rich purple  shade which has an inky tone to it and  is  loaded with purple sparkles which go completely subtle on the eye lids. This is the only shade I have from Colorbar Eye Shadow out of 16 odd shades this range has to offer. All this while I have been frantically stocking Inglot eyeshadow refills but these beauties from Colorbar are excellent in quality and affordable in price, definitely worth hoarding.

The texture of Star Violet is silky smooth, comparing it to Inglot refills – if Inglot is 8/10 in texture than these eyeshadows are easily 9/10. Somehow, I find Colorbar eyeshadows a little more soft and smooth to work with. Star Violet melts like butter on the eyes & blends super easily. There was almost no fallout while applying. It is intensely pigmented and it goes opaque with single layer on the eyes. Colorbar’s Star Violet does not need any primer to stay on either.

Packaging wise, again Colorbar Eyeshadows are a step ahead from Inglot refills; with individual packing for shade and an applicator which is not so flimsy to use plus there is a separate storage compartment for applicator! These are more travel friendly and do not require further investment into palettes. Though I want to stay I still love my Inglot eyeshadows for the number of shades & variety of finishes it offers.

Colorbar Star Violet (4)


Colorbar Star Violet (3)


Colorbar Star Violet (5)


Colorbar Star Violet


Pros of Colorbar Eyeshadow in Star Violet:

  1. Texture is satin smooth
  2. Very well pigmented
  3. Has pearl finish with subtle shimmer
  4. Individual & compact packging is easy to carry around
  5. Stays on for longer period without creasing
  6. Mostly importantly superior quality at affordable rate


Cons of Colorbar Eyeshadow in Star Violet:

  1. None!

 Verdict: A+

Price Rs 300/-

Recommendation: Colorbar Eyeshadow in Star Violet is a beautiful, rich vibrant purple  that offers great quality product at a really affordable price. Buttery texture, high pigmentation, long staying period, packaging, price all works in its favour. Highly recommended!


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