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Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint 100% Organic Balm Review

Guest Review By Shagufta

Today’s article is about an amazing multi-purpose product. Though I am a shopaholic, I do love investing in multi-purpose products at a good price, well who doesn’t . So let me just quickly tell you why I love this product so much and keep reading to know how it has worked for me.

Ingredients: Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit Butter, Cera Alba, Mentha Piperita Leaf Oil, Aloe Barbandesis Fruit Juice, Limonene Linalool.

What the product says: Protects your skin against dryness! Ultra smooth with Organic ingredients which are both Nourishing and Soothing.

About the packaging: The product comes in a little round, flat tin container which actually gives me an old school or vintage-y feeling because it has been quite a while since I used any product out of such a packaging. Though I quite love the packaging, I do feel I would have loved it more in the form of a chap stick which would have been more hygienic rather than dipping fingers in to it every time. It feels kind of mushy when you touch it …


My Views

I absolutely love what this Figs & Rouge balm does to my lips, it hydrates them and somehow it mysteriously leaves them looking healthy and pink which I just adore. I have also used this on dry areas like elbows and knee caps and the hydrating property of this balm is just awesome.  I cannot explain how much it has healed my cuticles and kept my nails looking shiny and healthy.

The balm is transparent and not sticky at all. Feels very light when applied, it  just sits there on the skin silently doing away its job but never makes you feel as if you have slathered on something heavy.

The only thing that is of concern is, not only does the packaging remind me of the old Vicks vapor rub but also the smell funnily resembles that of some kind of a medicine/balm we use to treat common cold. The smell is not overpowering but lingers around for a while and then fades away.

Once applied, the balm leaves a minty tingling feeling which is explained by the presence of mint in the balm.


Figs&Rouge Balm (6)


Figs&Rouge Balm (1)


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Figs&Rouge Balm (3)


1.         Very hydrating

2.         Light texture

3.         All natural and organic

4.         Minty and fresh feel it imparts

5.         Leaves the lips and skin feeling soft and supple

6.         Don’t mind the price for the quantity as it is quite multi-tasking.



1.         Tub type packaging

2.         Vicks kind of smell, which fades away in a while though.

 Verdict: A

Price:  INR695 for 17ml

Recommendation: Trust me!!… You will love what this amazing Figs Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm can do for  rough skin and how healthy this product can make your nails look. Great for chapped lips as well!

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