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Forest Essentials Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil 

Guest Review by Priya  (Dry to Normal Skin Type)


Product Description: Hair oil treatments allow nourishing herbs and oils to soak in easily and condition the hair. After massaging warm oil into the scalp, wrap head in a warm towel wrung out in steaming hot water and leave for at least half an hour.

• Promotes Hair Growth • Checks Dandruff

This nourishing hair oil is made from an old recipe which includes Sesame and Coconut Oil along with Goat’s Milk, Amla Oil and Herbal Extracts. This treatment is valuable to those with hair loss and scalp problems as it aids the growth of healthy hair, while effectively combating dandruff.


My Views

For the past few months, I am obsessed with making my fine, chemically treated hair healthier & thicker & not to forget bringing an end to my hair fall problems. In the process of experimenting with many products I have fallen head over heels for ayurvedic products. I believe that such natural products shouldn’t be judged quickly with few trials; it takes time to work its magic and requires loads of patience.

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil Bhring Raj comes in the brand’s trademark packaging for most products of transparent plastic bottle with golden colored caps. It has an additional stopper inside with a small hole to control the amount of oil to be dispensed. It is leak proof and does not spill but still I won’t recommend it for traveling. The oil is red colored and it does not have sticky texture to it, that you find the case with most hair oils. It took me a couple of applications to realize this oil will not leave that greasy feeling behind, so go easy on application. And since its not so greasy it is easy to wash off too.

It is recommended to use half an hour before the hair wash process but I prefer leaving it overnight. I use this oil thrice a week and the SA suggested that i  warm the oil before usage and it feels good on the scalp and it even helps in spreading the oil more easily. This oil is made of all natural ingredients and it is true to its claim, there is no foul play in the name of “base oil” etc. For the results, I have finished using my first bottle and I am satisfied. Earlier, if I used to skip washing my hair when its needed, I would get dandruff immediately but with regular usage of this oil, dandruff has never come back. It does not weigh down my hair; it has improved the texture of hair and has made it softer. As far as, curbing hair fall problem, I am yet to get that result. Like I said before, it takes time for natural products to work & patience is the key & hair fall is such a problem which cannot be cured overnight.

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  1. Light weight oil that is non greasy
  2. No chemicals involved. Made of 100% natural ingredients
  3. Non-sticky texture
  4. Leaves hair soft and smooth to touch
  5. Curbs dandruff problem



  1. Price – A little expensive
  2. Requires regular usage & time for it give desired results in terms of hair fall


Verdict: A

Price: Rs 850 for 200 ml

Recommendation: Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil Bhring Raj is natural in  a true sense and lives up to   its claims of curbing dandruff, as well as making your hair softer & shinier. Most importantly it is non-greasy, extremely light weight and does not give that “Chipkoo” feeling. If you love oiling your oil, you will enjoy using this one!

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