Anti ageing commandments (3) Four Commandments of Anti-Ageing!

Guest Post By Guest Blogger Dr. Rashmi Singh

We all have our shares of skin problems. Oh-so-sensitive, breaks out even from water, produces oil enough to solve the fuel crisis of India and so many more. But one issue that no matter what we do, no matter how much we try, but can’t escape, is ageing, skin or otherwise. In the tryst with our skin types and skin issues, we often ignore the need of prevention, or even the right care of ageing skin at the right time !

Anti ageing is one of the most studied issues in cosmetology and all the experts recommend a few basic ground rules to delay or to improve signs of ageing. Let’s have a look into 4 commandments of anti-ageing for a younger looking skin for a long time *not forever unlike some companies claim*

1. Sun-protection : Like they say if ‘I’ll earn a penny every time I emphasize on the importance of sun protection I’d be a millionaire in no time’, and yes if you start throwing out a penny into space every time an expert recommends strict sun protection, trust me there is not gonna be enough pennies to do that !
It is THE first and foremost rule.
Sun exposure is the single most preventable cause of ageing responsible for 95% of your wrinkles. IF you haven’t started wearing sun protection yet, start asap. Sooner you start, later you’ll have to worry about ageing skin.

Anti ageing commandments (4)

Remember to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with PA+ label, and preferably a little higher SPF than what you think you need (because either we don’t apply enough, or don’t reapply) everyday, in the sun or inside your home ! Teach this habit to your daughter, and to your mother. This is the best practice for a healthy skin.
2. False Market claims : 10 minutes to make wrinkles disappear ? Botox is so going to be out of business then. Millions of products feed to our own weaknesses to look young and flawless, and we keep falling for them. Most of those products that promise immediate results are nothing but moisturizers and silicones that fill up and plump up the wrinkles and fade them away temporarily, usually with very less ingredients that actually work for long term benefit *cough*loreal youth code*cough*olay regenerist* ! Learn what’s working for party next day, and what’s for your 25th marriage anniversary.

Anti ageing commandments

3. Antioxidants : Often people are afraid to use anti-ageing products before a certain age they are fixated to, in their thoughts. Usually 25, or 30 ! But I don’t see why can’t we use antioxidants at 20. Delay the appearance of ageing !!! Antioxidants kill free radicals that are ultimately responsible for slow but steady causation of ageing by attacking cells and their DNAs. Use antioxidants before you see ageing. Some of the best ingredient antioxidants to apply on skin include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Tea and coffeeberry. 

Anti ageing commandments (2)

4. Reverse the signs of ageing : Heard it a million times in every other ad ? But it’s so not as easy as it sounds. No matter what anyone claims, there is no substitute to botox or cosmetic procedures whenit comes to ageing skin. Yet there are a few ingredients that do promote collagen formation and reverse the signs of phtodamage and when used diligently can soften the fine lines and sagging skin like Retinol, Vitamin C, and AHA. Incorperate them in your routine if you find yourself landing on fine lines already.

 There is no magic when it comes to anti-ageing, but these simple commandments are no rocket science either. Give your future 45 year self a gift, a gift of young skin.

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Dr. Rashmi Singh is a medical practitioner with clinical experience in Dermatology. Her idea of beauty blogging is to make everyone aware about what is going on to their skin. Debunking myths, giving advices on skin issues of her readers, and giving scientific viewpoints to the products, she blogs at  An Indian Doctor’s Beauty Blog.

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