If you thought Germany was only about Beer and Sausages, you thought wrong missy. There are other drool worthy items in Germany as well, and  im not talking about Heidi Klum!!! Im talking about a fruity skincare line called Fruttini- Fruttini is a line of German based fruity skincare products that are now in India !!!!

All Fruttini products are based on high quality recipes for silky soft skin..With flavor combinations as unique as ginger passionfruit and strawberry starfruit, it’s simply impossible to find just one that you absolutely love! Log on to to know more about the brand !

  1. Cranberry Chocolate Body Butter (500ml) –  I dont know if you have had the Bounrville Cranberry Chocolate Flavour they recently launched, but i have and its AH-MAZING. Thats why this Cranberry Chocolate Body Butter has me drooling. Tempting fragrance of dark chocolate with hints of cranberry is the ultimate indulgence for the skin. Real cocoa butter, cocoa bean and cranberry extract are blended with provitamin B5 to moisturize the skin. All the goodness of fine chocolate without the calories!

  1. Coco Banana Shower Gel (250ml)–  I actually have this shower gel in my shower caddy right now, and i love that they combined something as unique as coconut and banana !!! Coconut & Vanilla iv heard of, Cocoa Butter iv heard of but Coco-Banana is definitely the most unique flavour combination on the menu! With vitamins B3 and B5 , this one is said to guarantee soft, silky skin. Review coming soon!

  2. Lime Mint Body Scrub (200ml): Lime & Mint are my favourite two ingredients in an alcoholic drink (Im a  Mojito girl through and through). So what better way to beat the heat than the Lime and Mint Body Scrub. Sharp, Tangy & Super Refreshing, with a touch of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

  3. Cherry Vanilla Bubble Bath & Soap: I dont know about you, but one of my dreams is to have a hot tub in the house which i can fill up with all these aromatic bath oils and bubble bath liquids and then splash around in it! This absolutely adorable little bottle is a bubble bath cum soap in the flavour Cherry Vanilla. Dipping into a bubbly pool of Vanilla is definitely my idea of being stress free

  4.  Pineapple Prosecco Body Sorbet: This tingly body gel with pineapple and grape extract and the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium leaves the skin smooth and shimmery.  (Ooh i wanna try that- iv never tried a shimmer scrub!!!)It also contains vitamins B3, B5 and C which moisturises the skin.

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*This is a Promotional Post done for Fruttini.

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