If reading the title of this post made you jump up and order Nirulas Chocolate Nut Sundae then Hi Five – We can be friends !

(For those who are not from Delhi- Nirulas Sundae’s are gods gift to womanly ice cream cravings. 2 scoops vanilla, one yummy, hot fudgy sauce, toasted nuts and a cherry on top. Sigh. I could gorge all day !) Ahem. Back to the topic.- Mac Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Pallette is what Mac interprets Betty Cooper from Archies would wear to school everyday !!!

The palette, like any good ice cream sundae contains 4 components-

1. Cheryl Chic (Frosty Pale Pink ) – Think of this like the cherry on the Sundae

2. Dreammaker (Frosty Lemon Yellow ) – Think of this like the Vanilla Ice cream

3. Caramel Sundae- (Pale , Satin finish Biscuit Color) – This of this like the toasted nuts

4.Showstopper (Matte Dark Brown) – Think of this like the chocolate sauce

Unfortunately however, if this palette was in ice cream form, i would have probably taken one bite and said  ‘Bleh!” .This comes nowhere close to the fabulous-ness of an Ice cream sundae!  While the eyeshadows have interesting colors and work well together, they have poor pigmentation, and sometimes you can get away with softer pigmentation in darker colors but these are pastels. So you end up with a whiff of powder of your eye with pretty much zero color.

With the exception of the yellow shade, which i thought was nicely pigmented and soft to apply, the others really lacked even in the texture department. The dark matte brown is extremely dry and stiff and does not blend well at all. The Biscuit colored shade is nice to touch and blend but looks exactly like my skin color so it doesn’t show up. The pale pink is a pretty pastel pink with silver shimmer but on my skin tone all i got was dry silver shimmer. Its not just a problem of this not workin with my skintones, i just dont think the eyeshadows live up to MAC quality shadows

mac-archies0girls-eyeshadow-quad mac-archies-girls-eyeshadow-quad1 mac-archies-girls3 mac-caramel-sundae-eyeshadow

Verdict: C

Price: 2400 Approx

Recommendation: At this price, you expect an eyeshadow quad that is stellar. While the four shades really do complement each other if you want to create a pretty morning, neutral eye… the quality of these is just not up to the standards of regular Mac eyeshadows.

PS: Sent by Brand

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