Mac Mineralize Rich in Lady at Play-41MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Asvita

Mac Mineralize Rich Lipsticks are the latest addition to Mac’s permanent lipstick line, and are garnering a whole lot of attention!!!! The fabulous selection of colours and reviews claiming these to be better than the regular range led me to the mac counters and I was pretty much blown away !!

I had the shade Lady at Play in mind and for once the purchase was a no brainer. The moment the MUA tried it, I was hooked. It is a bright bright coral with pink undertones. Darker than crosswires , I think a budget dupe would be nyx round lipstick in femme though I think this is a bit pinker. I had femme a while back and loved it on me. But I lost it (owing to my huge unorganized mound of makeup) and when I saw swatches  of  Lady at Play, I had to have it. I think this would look great on most skin tones regardless of warm/cool undertones.

The packaging is dramatically different from the regular bullet shape. Upper part is matte and cylindrical with lower part being glossy and conical(ish). I find it pretty  stylish. Another thing I like is that it has magnetic closing system. I love playing around with it :D. It closes with a satisfying cIick and stays put in my handbag. I  have heard some complaints about it opening up easily inside handbags due to the magnetic closure,but haven’t faced anything of that sort.

The texture is amazing. It is very lightweight and very opaque.  It glides like butter on the lips ,something which I have not experienced atleast with cremesheen finishes. I don’t find it extremely moisturising ,but then I have very dry,chapped lips most of the times and it did very well on them as well. So someone with normal lips would find it pretty moisturising I think. Most of all I love it because it is really lightweight and so perfect for the summer. Even after putting on several coats it barely felt like I was wearing anything on the lips!! Love that about it. It gives me about 4-5 hrs wear time which also I think is pretty great. As I keep stuffing my face every 15-20 mins  ,anything lasting over 2 hrs is a big achievement :D

Mac Mineralize Rich in Lady at Play-31Mac Mineralize Rich in Lady at Play-11Mac Mineralize Rich in Lady at Play-51Mac Mineralize Rich in Lady lip swatch1


1)      Being very lightweight ,makes for the perfect summer lipstick.

2)      Decent lasting power of 4-5 hrs .

3)      Pretty Moisturising .

4)      Gorgeous colour that will work with many skin tones.

5)      Glides smoothly.Does not tug on the lips at all .

6)      Stylish packaging.

Cons :

Nothing really except may be the price. It costs significantly higher than the regular range but you get more quantity (3.6 g) as opposed to 3g of other finishes and in my opinion excellent quality as well.


Rating: A+

Price: Rs 1650

Recommendation: These are very lightweight, moisturising lipsticks with a creamy ,glossy finish and they glide like butter on the lips .Being  lightweight and a gorgeous coral , I think Lady at Play is a winner in both colour and texture departments and perfect for the summer!! Definitely worth splurging over.

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