mac-mineralized-rich-lipstick-style-surge Mac Mineralized Rich Lipstick Swatches & Review: Style Surge

Yesterday- when i left for work, i  locked the outside door  like a responsible 25 year old …. and as i left for work in my own sweet thoughts, i left the key dangling there on the outside like an irresponsible 12 year old ! I was away for 8 whole hours and the key just dangled there inviting any passerby to take a peek into our home !!! When i came home, the boy was already back from work and  SUPER mad  and he was going all like “Someone could have taken our tv, our furniture, our appliances, cash …xyz“and  while i was sheepishly nodding , in my head i was thinking “Someone could have taken my drawing room mirror (im obsessed with this) and my entire makeup collection” . I mean hello…with Mac Mineralized lipsticks worth 1500 in your stash, you are bound to get paranoid that a makeup thief will enter the premises!!!!

The new Mineralized Rich lipsticks from Mac look like cute little Chessboard pawns , and come in a range of colours that will definitely check-mate other lipsticks on the block! Style Surge is a light, bright peach and a colour that will look absolutely stunning on lighter skin tones. With me being a bit tanned in the summer, it works under a nude gloss, but if i wear it as is, i tend to look a bit oompa-loompa ish. That being said i don’t for a minute regret buying this because under a warm  gloss this is perhaps the most beautiful peach iv tried so far. Style Surge is  pretty similar to Mac Ravishing, except that Ravishing is more of a coral and Style Surge is more peach (it has more orange in it).

Coming to the formula, i think Mac kind of hit a home run with it. First of all- these lipsticks are incredibly lightweight so they are perfect for summer. NO heavy, gloopy kind of feeling. You would think that because they are lightweight, they arent that pigmented but thats not true! You can wear one layer for a semi-sheer look but two swipes and they are completely opaque! Thirdly, these are super moisturizing- more moisturizing than any other Mac formula and they have a nice glide and slip in them which makes application easier. They are ok in the lasting department- 4 hours is what i get which is about average….

mac-mineralize-rich-lipstick2 mac-mineralize-rich-lipstick1 mac-mineralized-rich-lipstick-style-surge2

Doesnt this look like a pawn on a Chessboard?




Mac Style Surge worn under a gloss..

Pros of Mac Style Surge Mineralized RIch Lipstick

  • Incredibly Light Weight -great for summers!
  • Completely Opaque color coverage (Can be built up, even if first layer is semi sheer)
  • Nicely Moisturizing
  • The range of colors in this formula is really nice and there is something for everyone !
  • Nice Glide and Slip

Cons of Mac Mineralize Rich Lipstick

  • No con as such, wear time is average but not bad at all

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 1550/-

Recommendation: Mac Mineralized Rich Lipstick in Style Surge is a stunning, light, vibrant peach that will look beautiful on lighter skin tones. On medium tones like mine it works as well, but looks the best if worn under a warmer gloss , else it pulls too light. These lipsticks may be expensive but they are well worth their money- pigmented , lightweight and moisturizing-these are what ideal summer lipsticks are made of ! Definitely getting another one of these.

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