NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Brown: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya R 


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Even though Nyx has been raved about in the blogosphere, somehow their offerings really never appealed to me so till now i have pretty much been a Nyx Virgin. But while strolling in a beauty store, this Nyx counter girl asked me to check out her counter, with almost no intention to buy anything; I went to check out their stuff.  Now this girl at the counter had this beautiful  “Coffee Brown” color that she was sporting  on her eyes  . I fell for it hook, line and sinker and bought home the Nyx Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Brown!

The pencil looks simple, no fuss packaging  which requires frequent sharpening and they look similar to my Faces long Wear Pencils which I own a few of. I was on a lookout for a nice brown shade for everyday wear and fell in love with this subtle “coffee brown” color. Though I love the color, I am not a big fan of the texture! When swatched on hands, it applies easily, not buttery soft, but it applies without tugging but when I try it on the eyes it just fails to deliver. It pulls, it tugs, it hurts the eyes and I tried many different ways of making it work but its totally dud in texture department.

When I did manage to get it on my eyes somehow, to test its staying power it worked ok – 4 hours of wear time and then it started to smudge and eventually it went off by itself without requiring any makeup remover. Nyx says, it eye/eyebrow pencil and this brown shade seemed kind of ok to me for filling in eyebrows at first but when I did it was way to light for eyebrows. So it cannot be used alternatively too.

Since, it tortured my eyes enough, I didn’t want to check it out how it fares on the waterline but I am sure it will not work on waterline either as it is not smooth in texture or highly pigmented.

Nyx-pencil-brown-2 Nyx-pencil-brown-6

Pros of NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Brown:

  1. Loved the color – only thing that worked for me.


Cons of NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Brown:

  1. Does not have smooth texture – pulls, tugs & hurts the eyes.
  2. Not pigmented enough – require multiple swipes for the color to show up.
  3. It smudges after 4 hours of wear time.
  4. Cannot be used for filling in the eyebrows.
  5. With all the cons above, it is definitely an expensive buy.

 Verdict: C

Price: Rs 295/-

Recommendation: Nyx – Eye/Eyebrow Pencil –Brown though is a beautiful shade but it fails to deliver in all the other departments – texture, pigmentation, staying power & smudge-proof formula. For the price, it is definitely expensive and for the fact it cannot be used on eyes & eyebrows too, not the best product from Nyx. Please stay away!

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