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Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

Guest Review By Swastika (Hair Type – Straight, Medium thickness, Sometimes frizzy)

The new beer shampoo on the block is by Park Avenue. I have always wanted to try the original beer shampoos but the prices were too steep IMO. A few days back I was shopping with Mr. Husband at the Park Avenue store buying boring men’s stuff – with nothing to catch my imagination I wandered to their toiletries display when my eyes instantly went to this. The packing was really nice! It looked very much like the real beer bottle. While I am no Beer drinker – I love rinsing my hair with beer. The shine that it provides is awesome – but I hate the trouble of actually buying beer and using it as a rinse (So does my husband- waste of good beer he says!). So I was very happy to have found this budget friendly Beer Shampoo. I have now used it thrice and below are the pros and cons.

Pros of Park Avenue Beer Shampoo:

– Budget friendly Shampoo

– Provides a nice shine to the hair


Cons of Park Avenue Beer Shampoo:

– I noticed little extra hair fall

– Smells like beer – though the smell doesn’t linger

– Does not keep my hair clean long enough – I need to rewash on the second day.
Also note that everybody’s hair behaves differently to a shampoo – so it might work better for you.

Given my hair type-i felt this was more of a nice gimmick than a shampoo. The beer bottle packaging was pretty great, but apart from shine it didnt deliver in other departments!

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo (2)


Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

 Overall rating  B-

Price – 160 INR for 200 ml

Recommendation – It is a budget friendly beer shampoo which provides a nice shine. However the downsides are far too many , so I will not be repurchasing this one.

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