Hello girlies.

Turns out managing a job, a blog, and a bridal shopping venture is no piece of cake. Infact, its a non stop 24/7 job, and i need some passionate individuals to lend me a helping hand while doin a bit of work from home

Here is what i need from my assistant for P&B

1. Check and respond to emails and ensure advertising requests, event invitations are responded to or RSVP’d .

2. Keep an updated list of all articles recieved by guest writers next to their names

3. Depending on how it pans out, i may  teach you to operate wordpress and post a few guest writer articles in a month when i am travelling.

Here is what i need from my assistant for Brides by P&B (This can be the same person as the P&B assistant or i may hire a diff person)

1.  Accompany clients on their shopping trip to Delhi when i am not available (Obv i will teach you tthe reigns  and i will plan out the itenary). This usually involves not more than 2-3 days in a month but those 2-3 days may fall on weekends.

2.Other Brides by PB work would involve mostly checking emails, maybe doing  a bit extra..its flexible, we can work something out.


If you think you can fit this role-please send me a resume  (Thats just a fancy word for a document that shows your education, previous work ex, interests, etc) to peachesandblush (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please mention which job you are applyin for in the subject- You can say Äpplying or P&B,  Applyin for Brides by P&B or Applying For Both

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