As the scorching heat approached, we sipped our iced lemonades and got talking about which store we love to browse and buy beauty from ! Not that there are too many options in India, but which one gives them the best retail therapy feeling!

meI love the Shoppers Stop in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. The MAC there is great, generally stocks well with a lot of helpful SA’s and i like the format- there is Estee Lauder, Clinique along with lower end brands. I also like New U for regular drugstore makeup stuff, but one store which i really feel like a kid in a candy land is Kunchals in GK 1 M Block Market. They have benefit, and Dior and Bobbi Brown and a whole lot of other illegally smuggled stuff :p I guess the way they keep it under the counter top just makes me go a bit crazy!!

-In India i mostly shop from MAC, but in London i love to shop from Boots ! (Editors Note: Boots is a weakness for me too i pick up the most random things that i dont need from Boots)

me4I like shopping from New U in the malls for all the regular purchases and to check out whats new in each brand, but apart from that i like the Mac store in Ambience, VK . (Priyam has a bad history with MAC Stores btw, for one whole year she refused to enter the Mac store in Gurgaon because she fought with the SA)

Pbpanel2-002I buy most of my makeup from New U!

Any suggestions for questions for our panel members? Im running out of ideas here girls.





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