Look whose walkin!!!

Its Me and P&B Readers in their super comfy/super glam/super cute shoes. These above are my summer shoes. Tribal inspired thong flats from Venus Steps. You would think the color makes them restrictive, but actually they go with everything!



Akanksha says, “These are my go-to Steve Madden flats at the moment. They are super comfy and i love the cool summerish color. My favourites this summer!!”


Bhavna  says, ” My favorite pair of shoes this spring! So here are them in various poses :D!”

Priya11Priya says, “I love the super comfy wedges with ruffled strap and also love my snake print peep-toes with not so high heels!!”

Vipra patil

Vipra says,  “I’m flaunting this summer My current favorite Peachy Kitten Heels from DONE by NONE.”


Abhilasha says, “2 pairs of shoes that I am loving this season”

Shikha Amina

Shikha says, “My most favorite heels …. love the color n how it peps up my outfits :)”



Avina  says, “I have always been a shoe junkie with no less than 100 pairs at any given point in time.But this year onwards I will be trading my pairs in for a pair of sensible black flats which i will be wearing to court….. I also hv developed a foot deformity that does not let me wear heels and my ortho doc has threatened dire consequences if I continue to wear heels. This summer I am enjoying what’s left of my pairs of colorful shoes.


The Red, denim and green crochet shoes are from Bangok. The red ones were exp but the other two were 200 bucks each. 5 years old and going strong. The white charles and keith shoes are also 5 years old and going strong. The embroidered slippers are from Shantiniketan with the kantha stitch and the purple brocase are from MG road in Pune”




Tannima says, “These my 2 summer sandals.. I absolutely adore the white one with cute flower and the black one is for days when I need to dress formally..Both are really comfortable. I bought these from Stilettos  Kamla Nagar, and I am looking for nude thongs these days.”


Advaita says, “It’s doesnt scream spring or summer but with an AC roaring all day at work, this is very comfortable to wear and goes with everything.”





Heena’s Pearl Bracelet Shoes!



Eshi says, “These are my go to shoes these days as it sinks super fine with almost all my outfits.. Bought these from westside for a pretty decent price 699/-“


Mohini says, ” My summer shoes: Plastic flip flops in summery colors with bright/neon nail paints :)”


Jinshy1Jinshy says, “This neon coral peep toe bellerina is my favourite of the season, I got this cutie from vinci in Malaysia.”



Vaishnavi says, “It’s raining and I am mostly seen in these off late.”

Sonal1Sonal says,” Loving Beige heels from Catwalk”

Sunandha1Sunandha says, “I couldn’t decide between these 3. So here’s all three for you!” 

Ruchi1Ruchi says, “Stay next to office. so able to wear such heels :)”





Fathima says, “I am wearing a Bata MarieClaire Nude/tan heels that i am loving right now to pair with brighter outfits! I got this on sale at 1300 last year i believe..!!  Although it is rather high heeled..this is super comfy…!!”



Asvita says, “my new high heeled sandals from Zara which I am wearing every single day now .These are the highest I’ve ever worn and I really enjoy towering over everyone :p”


Deepa says, “My favorite of this year Calvin Klein Yasu Sandals. Gets compliments all the time!”

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