What kind of a crazy person goes to Udaipur in the middle of May???  The kind of person who was actually considering going there in June (which is worse) for their 1 year anniversary, but went in May instead since it was an official work kind of a trip that was arranged for us. For the record though, Udaipur felt much better than Delhi (Delhi weather right now = how a pizza base feels when its being baked in a piping hot oven with cheese melting on its head).

photo (5)

Lets start at the airport where the entire Chennai Super Kings Team was sitting ( minus Dhoni).

Me to Boy : ” Omgggg , Look cricketerssss, lets go click photos with the yellow teammm!!!

Boy : “Really?YELLOW TEAM???? You mean Chennai Super Kings?” 

He couldnt understand why i was going a bit crazy considering i didnt even know half their names, but i know stephen fleming, and i know Mike Hussey and i know Albie Morkel and thats more than enough !


These below are some photos from Udaivilas which was a stunning, stunning hotel and every corner seemed like a post card you wanted to frame and keep with yourself ! Even a self-obsessed person  like me didn’t want to be inside the photograph and ruin the view, and honestly i don’t have any other photos of Udaipur since we didn’t step out of the hotel in the heat!


Those are the rooms with the semi-private pool. So 3 rooms share one pool!


That is the area outside our room. I lovvved this !!


That is the open air restaurant called Chandni !


That  is our room when we just entered. When we exited it looked very different. Boy is super messy!



Doesn’t this last photo look like greece?


 Getting Ready for the office event !

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