You know that song? “Shake what your Momma Gave you!” . What i wanna know is….What did you give your momma? For tolerating your tantrums and your mood swings and your irritability huh???  If you havent given anything yet, then the Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Kit is PERFECT for Mothers day.

Okay, so my momma is the kinds who hates applying lotions and potions on her face. She rolls her eyes and is like “Please, natural skin is the best” and i have to like really drill it into her head that while its perfectly nice to let skin breathe, she needs SOMETHING on her face – sunscreen, lotion, night cream…SOMETHING! So this mothers day i gave my mom an early present and fully expected it to be gifted forward to someone else…but the last time i visited her place- i saw a tiny bottle of night emulsion and softener out on her dresser !! So see??? It made her a convert!

One thing i have to say about this kit. i LOVE ..LOVE LOVE LOVE the softener. I have the Shiseido Softener myself too, i got a sample the last time i bought my HG Night Cream , and even though i didnt understand what the hell a softener does, it has now become a must have for me. Basically this softener spreads over your face and makes your skin super soft, and super glowing. Wait for 2 minutes and see your skin radiate- it also works as a primer. It ensures makeup goes on smoother and without a hassle.

The night cream is lovely too, im a big fan of Shiseido’s night range anyway!



The Shiseido Benefiance  foaming Cleansershiseido-day-emulsion-001

The Shiseido Wrinkle Resist Day Emulsionshiseido-benefiance-kit


The Shiseido Wrinkle Resist Night Emulsion Cleanser


Shiseido Softener: I loveee this!

Price: I think this is around 5000/- im not sure…but this is well worth it vbecause each of those creams are usually 2500 each!!! So next time i tell my mom “Shake what your daughter gave ya”, she can give her benefiance kit a jiggle ;)

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