When it comes to homes,  what people usually find ‘classy’ or ‘tasteful’ i just find boring. I like houses with character, where there is no matchy-matchy, there is an interplay of a lot of colour  and there are unique fun and bold pieces in every corner. That’s exactly how the home of my best friend (we call her Piggy) is !! Yesterday she called some of us over for dinner to her new home, and i couldnt resist snapping up some photos to share with all of you!!!

PS: All credit for her awesome decor goes to her sister  Sonia by the way who is a fashion designer and has great taste. Piggy is too lazy to do these things on her own. I think Sonia can easily transition into a career of interior decoration. 



One of the first things i noticed- These brilliant cushions in the living room! They have hot pink cushions that have been jewelled with different motifs. Chandeliers, necklaces, and the one on the top has a dancer with a tutu! These they got custom made from a local boutique.

I also really like the self patterned chairs- White with silver. They tie in the cream and gold curtains with the rest of the room! For now though, we will come back to the living room later, lets see the rest of the common area first.

decor-diary-console-yellow decor-diary-india-console

That is undoubtedly my favourite corner of this house!!!  As soon as you enter the door of this house, there is a small alleyway, and this decorates the side of that alley way. The bright yellow console is attached to a wall which has black wallpaper with bulbs printed on it !! SO CHIC !!! I love it !!!!

PS: Thats Piggy. You may recognise her from my Bachelorette Party Post!


decor-diary-dining-area decor-chair-india

Thats the dining area. I LOVVEE these emerald encrusted chairs!!! They even have a coral colored cabinet behind it. See how many colors- so far we have cream, hot pink, bright yellow, black and coral and they seem to work!

corner-spaces-decor-india decor-diary-floral-chair-indiaThis cute little space is just behind the dining area. I love the vintage looking chairs and the pastel tones used! Its so quirky and fun, reminds me of England or Paris or something!


Thats the main drawing room.  I like how its simple, and uncluttered. Simple Purple Sofa Sets are accessorised with the cushions,the patterned chairs provide a nice contrast against the plain sofa’s and the metallic silver poofy encrusted with Purple Stones just ties the chairs and sofa together, and gives an edge to the room!


Love the white coffee table with gold runners!



Simple Accents highlight the minimalist side tables.


That is us !!!

All of their furniture has been brought from a shop called “Dreams” in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.  Most of the unique pieces, they told Dreams to custom make for them, taking inspiration from pictures, and catalogues!

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