Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner – Swatches & Review

Guest Post by Nia

Like most beauty divas, I have always been on the lookout to find my “Holy Grail” eyeliner. That mythical and mystical eyeliner that will last all day, without smudging, fading, will stay put, will not give me racoon eyes if the tears start flowing, and so on. This review talks about one that got oh-so-close!

The eyeliner tube houses a rather small amount of product at 0.058 fluid ounces or 1.7 ml. It comes in a long cylindrical tube that looks like a pen and the longer side of the cylinder (the larger compartment) is the handle! Who would’ve guessed! Boo!!! At $19.00 + tax per tube, I think it runs pretty expensive. I do love the packaging, but I have a hard time justifying spending almost $20 on a tiny amount of liquid eyeliner. I guess you can always try to do what I did, to buy one on eBay!

My Take on the Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner

I usually don’t like liquid eyeliners very much because they tend to be messy, streaky, take forever to dry and are too thick for my taste. BUT the Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner provides a solution to all of those problems, granted it creates some new ones!

Here are things I LOVE about it/PROS:

  • The brush is super thin. I really do get the most crisp and neat lines from it
  • If I want, I can also get a thicker line, just as easily
  • The product itself is completely waterproof. It does not come off/run
  • The product is also completely smudge-proof
  • It dries in like less than 10 seconds and I love that about it
  • The colour is rich and dark and the brush makes no streaks at all
  • It seems to last really long. A little bit of product goes a long way!


Things I’m not so much in-love with/CONS:

  • The eyeliner dries to a semi-matte finish. Definitely not too shiny, but NOT matte either. And that is a huge problem for me. I absolutely despise any kind of shine/sheen in my everyday black eyeliner. I find that it looks “fake” or “unreal” if it is not perfectly matte.
  • Once applied, the product turns into a “film” like substance. The “film” like substance keeps it from running, smudging, fading, all that bad stuff but I find you can “peel” it off if you’re not careful during the day, leaving behind a very unmanageable eye-look.
  • It needs to be shaken (like a nail polish) to properly mix the product before every use. I personally do not mind this one at all but I know some people who might.
  • Super pricey for a liquid eyeliner! A $1 + tax E.L.F. liquid eyeliner could do the trick if you don’t mind re-applying your eyeliner.


urban-decay-perversion-eyeliner3 urban-decay-perversion-eyeliner2


Rating: B

Price: Not available in India, but abroad for 19$

Recommendation: The Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner is a rich, dark black liner with a super thin brush. While it has a lot going for it, the flakeyness of the finish as well as the fact that i prefer more natural looking, matte eyeliners made me not give this high points.

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