How is the start to the weekend girls??? My Friday ended with a Dinner of Dim Sum & Blueberry Fro -Yo!!! As i stared inside that yummy cup of purple frozen yogurt, i thought hmmm…that would make a super pretty lavender nailpolish!  Before i could take that thought further the boy and his friends came and swooped into my blueberry fro-yo so all i was left with was an empty cup with purple remnants! Since, i didn’t get my fair share of purple yesterday,  i thought id make up for it by putting together a list  of some stunning purple products. These are purples that are unique, pigmented and super ultra rich!!! Click on the names to take you to the link..

1.Mac Ash Violet FLuidline: A stunning blackened Blue-purple with silver shimmer, Ash Violet is a must have if you are a purple lover. It is dark, so appropriate for work wear but the purple and the shimmer gives it a dash of spunk that keeps it from being boring !!!

2.Colorbar Plum Grenadine Nail Polish: Must have Colorbar polish IMO!!! Super glossy, Super Smooth, and looks so royal and creamy on the nails !! Not a true purple, but a pretty plum pink!

3.Colorbar Star Violet Eyeshadow: If you want a purple eyeshadow, forget the Mac PluM Dressing’s or the other fancy pants purples in the market- go and get yourself Colorbar Star Violet (Btw it never ceases to amaze me how they shamelessly copy Mac shade names and put them on other eyeshadows. Like you would think that would be copyright infringement or something no? I just find it quite entertaining). But yeah, Star Violet is just a stunning, true purple eyeshadow!

4.Chambor Purple Dazzle Eyeliner: Its no secret that Chambor Dazzle eyeliners are probably my favourite of all eyeliners iv tried so far. I just love the formula and i love the shimmer and the Brown Dazzle is just yummy, dark, rich chocolatey goodness. The Purple Dazzle is a dark blackened purple with shimmer! Its absolutely stunning !!!

5.Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil: Though im not a fan of the texture (Its waxy) , Rich Purple made it to the list on account of being the most unique purple of the group. It isnt a deep purple, or a bluieish purple. Its just a true-bright purple that looks very striking against brown eyes.

 PS: The photos are in slideshow…Iv put them like that for easier viewing!

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