One of the disadvantages of being married to a camera-challenged human being is that when you try and do outfit posts, what he thinks is his ‘best work yet‘ actually means a photograph which is semi blurry,  with you looking crosseyed and not even being the center of the photograph. Sigh, this means Outfit posts get severely restricted because as much as i would like to, i dont think getting the guard of the building to click me in different poses is a good idea.  So i just got fed up and said you know what, instead of giving them  1 stellar shot, im just going to do 8 quick ones without bothering about backdrops and the like !!! And here they are !



Starting from Top Left:

uesday: Pale Mango Shirt with Grey Pants for Work

Wednesday: White Zara Top with Black Pants for Work

Thursday: Pink ruffled top with grey pants for work

Friday: Beige Printed Pants from Zara and White T Shirt (Friday we have casual dressing)

Saturday Morning: Mall Time!!! Pink Zara Top & Floral Print Shorts from Pantaloons

Saturday Evening: Date Night with the Boy!!! Floral Print Dress

Sunday Night : Dinner at a friends house! Blue Printed Dress with brown belt

Sunday Morning: Navy and White Striped Zara T Shirt and White Linen Trousers from Mango!

Which one did you like?? I actually love my beige printed zara pants and white t shirt, but i can feel people look amused at my ‘barfi print’ pants! Click the circles below to see each of em in detail!


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