bourjois-manicure-toppings3-001 When i was a kid, Thursdays used to be Cake Bake Day at home! That didn’t involve any baking from my side(I was born minus the cooking gene remember?), but meant my mommy whipping up some absolutely delicious cake recipe as we returned from school. There was black forest, or truffle or pineapple upside down cake , and their deliciously sweet aroma used to fill the entire house! But as a 8 year old, i couldnt care less what flavour of cake it was (Umm..sorry mom) , all i was interested in were those shiney silver cake decorations on top. Those multicolored balls that made me just want to go *crunnchhh* and bite into them through all the soft, melty layers of cake. One look at the Bourjois Paris  Manicure Toppings, took me back 18 years to a 8 year old kid !! Except this time i didnt want to eat them…i was just like *ooooohhh shinnneeey* Didi from Dexter (*ooohh what does this butttonnnn dooooo???)

So What the hell is this thing?

The Bourjois Paris Manicure Toppings are basically small beads that you can sprinkle over wet nailpolish and then seal with a top coat. I have the one called  Maliblue and its a mixture of silver, navy and sky blue beads !!

My Thoughts

Novelty Factor aside, i still have to decide whether i think these are insanely amazing, or these make my nails look like alien nails or something. Fish eggs on nails anyone? At one point, i cant help but giggle every time i look at my nails. Like hello- i have 3d balls on my fun is that !! On the other hand sometimes i look at them  and shudder…and get that ick ! feeling. But overall, i say Kudos to Bourjois for getting such a fun, unique product into the Indian Market! For those of you who are more creative than me, this can actually be a super fun product and you can sprinkle the beads into a set pattern!

I actually love the concept, one thing i would change would be that right now, its just beads in a bottle and you end up wasting a LOT of beads by sprinkling them on your nails staright from the bottle. They should have given some sort of bead -dropper or maybe the top could have been like a salt shaker with holes, so you can control the amount of beads that come it would have less wastage.

In terms of longevity, you would definitely need a top coat to make sure these last…but then im assuming Bourjois doesnt expect people to wear Manicure toppings on a daily basis anyway. Probably like a one time thing for a party, or if you want to dress up like Mr.Freexe for a fancy dress event

bourjois-manicure-toppings5-001 bourjois-manicure-toppings4-001


As you can see, im not the best person to apply these things. I have 0 patience

bourjois-manicure-toppings2-001 bourjois-manicure-toppings-001

I tried the toppings over clear nailpolish, just to see how they look on their own but i think theyll super pretty against pale blue, silver and navy polishes as well!

Price: Rs 605/-

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