How to make Mehak Happy:

Option 1: Vote for P&B in Cosmo Blog Awards by going here: Cosmo Blog Awards. Pressing the like button next to P&B and clicking submit at the end

Option 2: Gift Mehak Diamonds

Option 3: Get her a  Lime Ice Soda from Nirulas

See now, its totally upto you what you would prefer, but in my very honest and unbiased opinion, i think Option 1 may be the best way to go! Voting closes like pretty soon, in 2 days or something i think. So unless you can get me some solitaires by then, or like home deliver some Lime Ice Soda for me i think you should  stick with Option 1 !

Do it only if you think we deserve it though. If you think P&B is full of nonsense, then go ahead and vote for who you think deserves it ! They are all stellar blogs and all of them deserve to be there.

PS to “The boy”: I know you dont read P&B, but Option 1 is already done by you, and Option 3 you keep doing so the only option for you left is Option 2!

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