Smashed. Make a Sentence with this word:

Girl i was so smashed last night, i drunk dialled *insert name of ex boyfriend*” .

Omg Sachin has Smashed another record!

Oh babies, darlings you look the smashings honies”  (Said in a cheap Dilli way)

” Oh that gorgeous thing? Thats called Smashed”

If you didn’t quite understand that last line, then you haven’t met Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Smashed ! A gorgeous deep, eggplant purple with gold and  blue microshimmer, this polish is a definite stunner! The color is absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, though i do admit on the nails it looks much deeper, so some of those gorgeous reflective particles you see in the bottle don’t really show up on the nails.

That being said, it is stunning in its own right and my photos don’t do it justice. Glitter polishes are hard to capture anyway and this one was super hard as it kept looking flat in the photographs. Color wise this is similar to Zoya Valerie except Valerie has much more gold shimmer in it . In terms of quality, the polish applied smoothly and evenly, took a while to dry but thats ok. It did chip by Day 2-3 which is really no fun at the price these come at !There is also something left to be desired in terms of the glossyness of the finish- it definitely could have been glossier and creamier.

estee-lauder-pure-color-nail-lacquer-smashed4 estee-lauder-pure-color-nail-lacquer-smashed2 estee-lauder-pure-color-nail-lacquer-smashed1 estee-lauder


Verdict: B+

Price: 1210/-

 Verdict: Estee Lauder Smashed is a stunning deep eggplant purple with gold and turquoise shimmer which my photos haven’t been able  the gorgeousness of  unfortunately.  This one will especially flatter paler skintones more. I would only say it needs some improvement in terms of longevity and the color not being completely true to bottle (It goes deeper on the nails and hence tends to hide some of the glitter). If you are a nail polish fan however, this really is gorgeousness in a bottle!

*Sample recieved!

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