On a recent discussion with an MUA, she told me “You know, the first thing girls book is the venue and the second thing they book is the Makeup Artist!!!” . Well its kind of true!!  But let’s say you aren’t familiar with the makeup artist scene in your city…how then do you book your makeup artist to ensure who is good and who is bad? Here are a few simple steps to make it easier to sift through all the madness!!!

Step 1: Online Research

  • Start online with Google and Facebook!
  • If you are in Delhi, then take a look at my Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi post, if not then make a list of whatever names you find online into a notepad for reference.
  • Also check out the Real Brides Section, where each girl mentions which makeup artist has done her makeup
  • Make sure to visit some Indian Bridal Blogs- they are packed with info about such things
  • Visit each makeup artists Facebook Page or Website (I recommend facebook page because a lot of the natural photographs are there unlike the website where only the best may be displayed)
  • Narrow down your list by knocking off anyone whose style you don’t seem to agree with

Step 2: Recommendations & Offline Research

  • Circulate this list amongst friends and family to see if they know anyone whose worked with them before
  • Also visit your nearest MAC counter- these girls do Bridal Makeup onsite and they do give trials so see if you would like to put them on your list.
  • Ask for their charges to strike off anyone who is totally out of budget
  • Gather the experiences of the rest and try to narrow down to some you definitely want a trial with, or atleast want an interview with!

Step 3: The Trial /Meeting: What to ask & What to check

So you have made it to the trial. This is the easy part, now how do you know the trial is good or bad or just ok??? Here is a checklist iv put together for you Bridezillas! Even if you cannot go to a trial, then make sure you meet the bridal makeup artist in person , look through photos of brides they have done and ask the following questions:

  • Which makeup is she using? Kryolan, Mac, Shiseido, Estee Lauder is all good. Be a little wary of those unnamed pallettes with the tiny eyeshadows that some of them use (They get it cheap from China)
  • How has she done your base?  This is the single most important thing for me. Has she made you look whiter or darker than yourself? Both are problems. Is the base looking like a base? Look closely in the mirror around the edges of your mouth and under your eyes if you base is creasing- there is a slight problem. What base is she using???
  • Did she ask you questions about your outfit? This is important-a Good MUA should be interested in what you are wearing and what kind of look to create
  • Has she done matchy matchy makeup after you told her the colours of your outfit? I told one MUA once that my lehenga was blue, red and green. So she went and put all three colours on me. Epic Fail
  • Does she listen to you? Very important. You can gather from an MUA whether they are willing to adjust and listen to you, vs whether they are quite set in their notions. So for example lets say she suggests “Lets do completely neutral for xyz”. Just to test ask her “Can we do just a bit more with bling for xyz?”. Stay away from answers like “Umm, thats just not my style” . Look for answers like “Sure, lets try it out…i still feel neutral may be the best way, but we will work around how you want it”. Its YOUR day, you should feel free to say whatever you want!
  • Does the makeup photograph well?: Do not forget to click a photo of yourself after the trial.Makeup can look very different in a photograph, and as a bride you are going to be photographed about a gazillion times.
  • Does the makeup hold up over time or is it making you shiney?
  • Try and visit the Salon once when a bride is getting ready: This is the best time to really get an essence of the bridal makeup artist.


Step 4: Being Prepared

Okay so, you are done with your Bridal Makeup artist hunt. But a Bridezilla always has a plan B. This means you need to get together a list of products -foundations, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner , maybe one eyeshadow that matches everything. Like Mac Woodwinked, or Expensive Pink….Not only will this help you to tide over the smaller functions, but sometimes a makeup artists product may break you out! You need to make sure you have a backup of products that she can use in case of an emergency.





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