Iraya Face lotion (2) Iraya Tulsi Face Lotion Review

Guest Review By Guest Blogger Nidhi  (Normal Skin)

When it comes to trying new brands in beauty im a bit wary but with Iraya-the name got me at Hello and  given it’s completely herbal, 100% vegetarian and never tested on animals – sounded convincing enough to give it a try! I tried the Lotus seed body lotion last year ordered through Urbantouch and liked it so much that I ordered it again. Since the product was good, this time I thought of ordering more .  I ordered 3 things from their online site – 1 Face lotion, 1 body lotion and 1 night cream (Apricot).

What the pack says Tulsi face lotion – for Normal to Oily skin. (Moisturises, Heals, Purifies)

With Tulsi extract and Lavender essential oil, this light face lotion gently moisturizes the skin. Tulsi has excellent healing properties, it soothes, protects, and hydrates the skin leaving a soft matte finish all the day.

Directions for use: Apply using fingertips on face and neck area. Gently massage with smooth upward movements. Best to use after cleansing and toning. Can be used to soothe skin after exposure to sun.

  • For external use only
  • Test for allergy
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients:  Basil – Heals, Moisturizes, Protects. Lavender – Relaxes, Moisturizes, Calms.

Ingredients: Aqua, Basil extract, Neem, Stearic acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Glycerol, Fatty acidester, Cetostearyl alcohol, Grapefruit seed extract, Phenoxyethanol, essential oil of Holy basil, Lavender and Frankincense.

What the site says: 2 more key ingredients is mentioned – Anise, Aloe Vera – which are nowhere written on the pack!

My Views

The smell of Tulsi leaves is something I really like and the smell of Lavender essential oil too is calming and relaxing so the combination together in this Iraya product seemed like a win-win ! ( I often use a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow for a good nights sleep! ) This product smells majorly of lavender and lightly of Tulsi.

It gives my skin a very smooth and soft finish , instantly refreshing it in hot summer months and giving this nice, cooling feeling . My work is mostly indoors so i cant test its wear in extreme heat but after about two hours i notice that though the smell fades away gently, i can still feel the smoothness and suppleness of my skin.

The lotion is meant for normal to oily skin and definitely provides enough hydration for those kinds of skin types. I cannot comment whether this is rich enough for dry skin- definitely not for winter time, but for a summer time lotion this definitely fits the bill!

Iraya Face lotionIraya Face lotion (3)


1)    Very light on the skin.

2)    Spreads easily.

3)    Does give a cooling effect for sometime!

4)    Gives a smooth finish to the skin.

5)    Suitable for normal skin (My skin is Normal in Summers, don’t know how would it fare out on Oily skinned beauties, Dry skinned people might need to re-apply it in few hours)

6)    Smells heavenly (Coz I am a fan of Lavender and Tulsi smell), However the smell is mild and not overpowering.

7)    I also use it as a body lotion at night sometimes and my skin feels really nice and smooth!

8)    Decent packaging.


1)    Smell doesn’t stay for long.

2)    Needs re-application after 3-4 hours.

3)    Packaging not travel friendly (Not a Con for me, but can be for a few) (Nowadays you get those small and cute bottles at New4u that can be used during travelling..So you can use those!)

Rating: B+

Price: Rs 395/- for 150 ml

Recommendation: Give this gorgeous smelling lotion a try if you require a nice, lightly hydrating lotion for summer that will give a cooling effect! Iraya Tulsi Face Lotion will do the trick!

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