Lotus Herbal Hypotinca Pencil (2) Lotus Herbals Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer In Sapphire: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Swastika

I have an intrinsic attraction towards blue things – be it the ocean or Daniel Radcliff’s eyes or Kate Middleton’s ring or pretty blue eyeliners. On one of my online buying impulsiveness– I chanced upon this pretty looking eyeliner and I was like – Yes! Want! Need! Now! But you know what? Probably god was watching me being greedy – and this cursed blue eyeliner is what I got L

The color is nice, to give this credit but that is totally where anything good about it ends. It is filled with chunky silver sparkles which on most applications overpower the nice blue. Moreover, the staying power is super low – the blue vanishes into thin air leaving behind the silver glitters which travels all over my face, gets into my eyes and makes me regret everytime I wear this. The application too is not smooth – and I think it is the fault of those glitters again.

The packaging looks nice and it comes with its own sharpener – which is however useless. Every time I sharpen it, the tip breaks off leading to a lot of product wastage. But at this point I just do not care about the wastage – I just want it to finish. Blue eyeliner – Y U NO GOOD? Y U NO Finish?? I hate you okay? Just go away !

Lotus Herbal Hypotinca Pencil (3)Lotus Herbal Hypotinca Pencil


None !


–          Too glittery , bad color payoff

–          It fades in 2-3 hours

–          Too soft, tip breaks easily resulting in product wastage

–          Glitter travels into eyes and face

Rating: D

Price: Rs. 225

Recommendation: Just one line – Please skip this.

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