Mac Cremesheen Glass in Double Dare

If you grew up in India in the 90’s, you were probably inflicted with that ailment called “Truth Or Dare” by your friends. For the record, i think that game is super annoying ! How is it any fun watching me tell some random boy i love him, or saying something stupid to some random girl without even getting anything in return. Id much rather play ‘Killer’ or ‘Gold Spot’ or ‘Message ‘ instead (If you don’t know what these games are, you are probably did not go to a Delhi School). Now if only there was a pot of gold like the Mac Cremesheen lipglass in Double Dare waiting for me at the end of my quest, i would happily go and sing a love song to a Baboon! Or dance around a zebra or something.

The Color

Double Dare rarely ever leaves my purse, and that’s because it is such a gorgeous , gorgeous color !!! I ‘Double Dare’ you not to love it !!!! The best way to describe it is that it looks like Pink Guava !!! A medium toned coral pink with reddish undertones. . On the lips, this makes for a pretty, bright pink lip and i recommend it to anyone who cares to listen and wants a bright lipgloss that is not completely in your face . This is a great colour for all Indian skintones- even the deeper ones. It’s a pink that will look as gorgeous on you as it will on the lighter ones so go get your hands on it!!!

Mac Cremesheens-The formula

Mac Cremesheen Lip glasses are the only lipglosses from Mac that i truly love. Im not a fan of their lustreglasses or their lipglasses, but the Cremesheen formula is just beautiful!! Moisturizing, super pigmented , super creamy, long wearing and glossy- i keep coming back for the Cremesheens. On the negative side, yes these are slightly thicker glosses so you cant exactly call them lightweight, but for what its worth they are the only formula i would pick up from Mac, even though these are more expensive.

mac-cremesheen-lipglass-double-dare2 mac-cremesheen-lipglass-double-dare3


mac-cremesheen-lipglass-double-dare1 mac-cremesheen-lipglass-double-dare

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 1500/-

Recommendation: ┬áMac Double Dare Cremesheen Gloss is a must have for any lipgloss lover’s stash. A beautiful coral-pink with reddish tones that will flatter the dusky ladies as much as the lighter ones, in Mac’s stellar Cremesheen Formula! Whats not to love?

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