Maybelline Gloss Gleaming Gernadine (6) Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipgloss In Gleaming Grenadine: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya R

Product Description:

Lavish lips with a molten hot glaze.

Why You’ll Love It

  • More Vibrant Color from pure liquid pigments
  • Cleaner Shine from our 100% wax-free gloss
  • Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar
  • Now gloss goes gutsy in 8 arresting shades

My Views:

The spanking new addition to Maybelline’s Color Sensational range is the new High Shine Glosses! Even though I am not a gloss person , and i have tried umpteen number of times to make glosses my best friend, the stickiness of the glosses never worked for me. And now , when Maybelline claims these glosses have a  “non-waxy”  formula, I decided to give their version of glosses a try! Out of the 8 shades launched, I got the bright  watermelon red color Gleaming Gernadine. I say watermelon because though it is a bright red it has a touch of pink in it. It is definitely a high shine gloss with shimmer contents but the shimmer is not OTT. Packaging is not only ordinary but in a way tacky – a sticker with shade details at the bottom which can be easily peeled off, I mean a little spiced up tube would have been nice!  The slanted doe-foot applicator makes  applying of gloss easy & quicky plus it is not flimsy.

The color pay off is fantastic – it can be applied sheer and can be easily buildable for medium coverage. It is quite moisturizing too but, (yes there is a but!) the non-sticky claim did not quite deliver for a person who despises lip glosses. I mean if you wear lip glosses frequently then you would definitely note a difference in the texture being non-sticky  as compared to other glosses but being extra picky I found it to be a little gloopy on the lips –  and yes it makes me notice that something is sitting on my lips! Longevity of this gloss is good and lasted for about 2-3 hours and left behind a light stain after a meal.    

Maybelline Gloss Gleaming Gernadine (7)Maybelline Gloss Gleaming GernadineMaybelline Gloss Gleaming Gernadine (5)Maybelline Gloss Gleaming Gernadine (4)

Maybelline Gloss Gleaming Gernadine (3)

This is worn sheerly on the lips. When you layer it on, it becomes completely opaque


  1. Gleaming Gernadine is a beautiful redish pink which will suit many skin tones
  2. Quite statured color and is easily buildable for coverage. Can be worn alone without any lipsticks
  3. Wear time is about 3 hours
  4. Gives plumping effect to lips
  5. Very High Shine lip gloss


  1. Simple & boring packaging
  2. Formula is slightly thicker in texture and not really completely non-sticky which is the biggest drawback for non-lip gloss lover!

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 350/-

Recommendation: For those who like lip glosses, Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss  will probably become their favourite of all lipglosses!!! But for a non lip gloss lover like me,  it fared the same as all other glosses do- no matter how many times i try em i don’t love em!

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