Maybelline Nail Polish Cherise Cherry (5) Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish Cherise Cherry: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Guest Blogger Anya

Nail-polish is one of the easiest ways to incorporate colour into one’s look. Even if one is dressed in neutrals, a bright pop of colour on the nails adds just the right amount of cheer to one’s outfit. Today, there are a gazillion brands which manufacture nail-polishes and finding the right brand out of them seems like a not-so-easy task. So, I will take no further time to review one of the better nail-polishes in the market today. I was gifted 2 bottles of Maybelline Express Finish Nail-Polish (#505 Cherise Cherry and #250 Violet Profond/Deep Violet). Given my affinity for brighter hues, I immediately tried # 505 and was delighted by the product.

Product Packaging: The nail-paint comes in sleek packaging with a metallic cap and the product looks beautiful.

Brush/Applicator: The best thing about this nail-paint is the brush/applicator for applying the nail-paint. The brush is flat, nice and smooth and the length of the applicator is long enough to let the polish glide smoothly over the nails without requiring an extra effort. All in all, the brush makes for quick and easy application.

Time taken to Dry: The product claims that the nail-paint dries in all of 40 seconds, and it lives up to its claim. The nail-paint dries in 40 seconds flat.

Colour: #505 Cherise Cherry is a beautiful shade of red. It makes the nails look bright, vibrant and fresh.

Maybelline Nail Polish Cherise Cherry (3)Maybelline Nail Polish Cherise CherryMaybelline Nail Polish Cherise Cherry (2)

Rating: A+

Price: Rs. 200

Recommendation: I am quite happy with this product and would recommend it to all you nail-paint aficionados.

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