MUA Liner Royal Blue (5)  MUA Intense Eyeliner In Royal Blue: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Lee (Light Skin Tone, Combination Skin)

Product Description: Intense Eye Liner Pencil which produces a precise and well defined line for accentuating the eyes with an intense colour finish.

MUA is one brand that is known for their quality products and super affordable prices. I have been blown away by the quality of their blushers, eyeshadows and palettes yet they are super cheap. I’ve come to expect great quality from all their products and being an eye makeup fanatic I decided to check out their Intense Eyeliner Pencils.

The Intense Eyeliner pencils come in a standard pencil form with a sharpener cap. I love the cap as I don’t have to rummage through my overflowing makeup stash to look for a sharpener like I have to for the Faces & Colorbar pencils. The texture of the pencil is extremely buttery and smooth.It does not pull or tug on eyelids and glides on like butter. Due to its buttery texture it can break easily if you apply too much pressure. As the name suggests ‘Royal Blue’ is a bright and vivid royal blue shade. It is matte and does not contain any shimmer. I don’t think I’ve come across such a shade before and it instantly pops on your eyes. The shade is quite unique and one the most gorgeous blues I’ve come across. It is highly pigmented and a single swipe gives an opaque coverage.

But that’s where the the good things end. I need my liners to be water proof or atleast smudge proof to survive the hot and humid Indian weather and this is pencil is none. A single rub and the product will be all over your eyes. If I manage not to rub my eyes every now and then it stays put for about 5 hours. I’ve used it on my waterline as well and it does irritate my sensitive eyes. I know I shouldn’t expect much from this pencil considering how cheap it was(less than 90 bucks!) but I need my pencils to be smudge proof and because of this I haven’t been using it often. However, it makes for a fabulous eye base so if you’re looking for some cheap eyeshadows bases then do give these pencils a try!

MUA Liner Royal Blue (4)MUA Liner Royal Blue (3)MUA Liner Royal BlueMUA Liner Royal Blue (2)MUA Liner Swatch

1) A bright matte royal blue shade
2) Buttery smooth texture and glides on well
3) Highly Pigmented
3) Does not irritate the waterline
4) Comes with a sharpener
5) Makes for a great eyeshadow base
6) Super cheap if bought directly from MUA’s website

1) Smudges at the slightest touch
2) Breaks Easily
3) Low Staying power
4) Pricey if bought through Indian Sites
5) Only available online


Rating: B-

Price: 399/- on Jabong

Final Recommendation: MUA Intense Eyeliner is a beautiful royal blue shade that is bound to turn heads. However it smudges like crazy so I’ll say skip it unless the smudging part isn’t an issue for it. However, you could give it a try if you’re  looking for some cheap eyeshadow bases to make the eyeshadows pop!

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