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 Meet Kayennat

Kayennat is a gorgeous bride  from Mauritius and her husband is from Pakistan. Both of them have been living in England since their early teens and have been there ever since. The wedding took place in England, but the shopping took place in India ; ) . Hear the story of a girl who was brave enough to do her own wedding makeup. Respect!

Love / arranged marriage ? What’s your love story ?

It’s a love marriage (I think lol), We’ve been friends since we were 17 and we met at college. We had the exact timetable and we took the same bus home. We were friends for a long time before we realised it  was more than just friendship. More importantly he is my best friend and is there for me always. Funnily enough we had met once when we were still in secondary school (his school had a match against my school and I was in the girls’ team) but I don’t remember him from then!

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So Mauritian marrying a Pakistani Haan? Any cultural issues with the wedding planning?

We didn’t particularly follow any Mauritian or Pakistani wedding traditions; our parents were cool with whatever we wanted so we picked and chose the functions we wanted. The weekend happened over Easter Holidays last year and in England for Easter we get a 4 day weekend (so most people have time off). The Nikaah was just a simple ceremony at home on the friday, Saturday was the Registry (or Civil) wedding, Sunday was the sangeet (sangeet isn’t done in Mauritius so it was really different and fun for the guests as it was something most guests had only seen on films before) and Monday was the Reception. We chose to have a combined reception (in both Mauritian and Pakistani cultures there are 2 functions), as it was just easier and simpler!

Where did you buy your outfits from?

 My nikaah outfit was a simple white suit which was gifted to me from my aunty. The Registry gown (ivory) was custom made for me in China through a company called DHGate. The design was based on the Mila Kunis Oscar 2011 Elie Saab dress and cost approx $200. It took 3 weeks to be made and sent to me and I had asked for slight modifications such as having sleeves added and having a higher neckline. I was really apprehensive about the gown because it was not a company I had used before, but when I received it I was ecstatic. It was better than I had expected and imagined.

My sangeet outfit was just a simple pink anarkali type outfit from a random shop in Karol Bagh and cost under 2000 Rupees Indian. The main reception outfit was from Roshans. I found it on the first day itself. As we (me, mum and my cousin) came from England to do our shopping we were on a tight 2 weeks schedule. On the first day we went Chawri bazaar to give order for wedding cards. This was really fun as there were so many vendors and designs to choose from.

Roshan’s was just so welcoming and nice, and we ended up getting my lehenga, my sister’s lehenga, and my cousin’s anarkali and gown from there. I saw my wedding lehenga and  liked it within 5 mins :) I am pretty specific with what I want and things just call out to me. i walked around the shop once and saw the one I wanted and that was it really!! I paid 70,000 Indian Rupees for the lehenga and it was so so heavy. The dupatta weighed 5 kilos and the lehenga skirt weighed 7 kilos. . Once it was finished you couldn’t tell the neckline was added. It was done so well.

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The rest of the trip was pretty relaxed because the main thing for us was wedding cards and bridal lehenga. In Karol Bagh we spent a ridiculous amount of money in CTC Emporio for wedding trousseau outfits. My mother also got her lehenga from thereand it was gorgeous on her. My cousin got one too and i got an extra one  a light one to wear to devar’s wedding). I think we spent about 3/4 days in that shop. We had incredible customer service and to me that’s really important. You should feel happy when you are paying at the end and not feel like you didn’t get the best service you deserve. I had a rubbish experience at the Frontier in Karol Bagh, and ended up just getting up and leaving, The staff were a bit rude, and it felt as if they didn’t want to show me anything. They kept telling that this fabric is *insert designer name* and I knew it was not. It was possibly inspired by a certain designer at best but that’s about it.

Tell us about the most fun functions, which song did you guys dance to?

 We didn’t have a song :) We are quite chilled out and people said they had never seen such a relaxed bride lol. The reception was most fun because a lot of things  were DIY, such as the cake (made by me), the wedding bouquet (made by me) the desserts (made by me and an army of people I had trained into making cupcakes), the wedding favours (made by me and my army of people) the table centrepieces were made (at home, and was set up by my sister and her army of people). My sister had designed and made the table setting cards with names and the menus. So because a lot of time and effort had gone in to reception it was really fun to see everything coming together in the end.

We didn’t have a couple dance (I find them cheesy!! lol) but my husband and our friends did a group dance to Pumbeeri by Foji (British Asian artist) and that was fun as they had only decided to do that the night before (well they decided at 2 am lol). My nephew was dancing to Chammak Challo and a whole bunch of people randomly joined him on the dance floor and started copying his moves. That was really cute.

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Who was your makeup artist and photographer?

 My photographers were a couple called Chaz and Georgina from http://www.candgweddings.co.uk/ They were awesome! We had a little photoshoot with them a few days before the wedding in the studio and it was a lot of fun. I didn’t want really posed photos as I think they are a bit boring so we told them to do as they feel like and we were really pleased with the photos. We also had a photobooth on the day (£500 for 5 hours) and that was awesome. People could just go in and take photos with props (big glasses, wigs, and so on). I do wish I had taken close up shots of my outfits though, it just didn’t seem important then :)

I had decided to do my makeup myself as after having a couple of trials I realised I prefer the way I did my own makeup and so did the husband. A lot of brides are hesitant to do this but honestly end of the day you know your faces best and if you’re good at makeup application then why not :) I did have my sister with me as a back up in case anything went wrong so I wasn’t worried or anything. For the whole weekend, the Naked 2 pallet by Urban Decay was the most used.

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