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Bride Suruchi

Meet Suruchi

A bride that proves that love is bigger than everything else. An adorable  love story , that could have had a heart breaking end because of parents who just wouldnt budge, but inspite of that blossomed into a beautiful marriage. These two show us that sometimes a wedding must go on, with or without the presence of parents…because  when something is meant to be, the universe conspires to make it happen! Hope both of you have a beautiful life ahead full of warmth, love and happiness !

Where are you from? Where did the wedding take place?

I am from Mumbai and by hubby Sandeep is from Hyderabad. We got married at the Gauri point of the Renaissance hotel – Powai, Mumbai. Most importantly the wedding venue was decorated by Saloni from, DreamKraftz which just transformed the venue into a magical experience.

So What’s your love story? I heard that this one is a completely Karan Johar style story right till the wedding!!!

It’s a typical love marriage! To get to know what I mean by that is read Payal Kumar’s word on:  .No-one’s been able to put our love story in more beautifully.

But if I was to tell you then, I met Sandeep in 2007,in UK when we came to study our masters in molecular biology. The very first day of the college Sandeep opened the class room door, smiled at me and walked towards me. I smiled back and was just trying to “Do I know this guy?!”. But then within seconds I realised that he was actually smiling at a girl sitting behind me ha ha ha!! We became friends that day and then over the years we became best buddies!

To go to UK, my dad had challenged me to earn enough money to buy a return ticket from London. I did a painting (another passion of mine) exhibition at D.D Neroy art gallery in Mumbai and it happened to be a total sale and I landed in UK with no friends and no clue as to how to live all by self. Meeting Sandeep on the first day set the sail for me really! We shared a house with our dearest Turkish friend Defne, grew to be amongst known scientists within the University of Sheffield and then continued to do PhDs.

Over the years my family became fond of Sandeep, but it took us sometime to realise that we couldn’t really be without each other!

But the trouble was and still is that Sandeep’s parents were against our marriage. We tried to convince them for almost three years but hoped that they would come around soon. But unfortunately they didn’t attend our wedding .

But everyone from my family is so much in love with Sandeep that they didn’t let us realise that Sandeep’s parents were not with us and performed all the rituals with enthusiasm. We were also lucky to have Sandeep’s family friends to grace our wedding, they were all so lovely, they stood in the mandap as Sandeep’s parents and blessed us during the ceremony!  The best thing that happened was that it was a “strictly no tears” wedding (he he ).

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Tell us about your Wedding ! I  heard you had some unique rituals !

Not many people would approve of this, but we chose to understand the meaning of all the rituals that were to be performed in the wedding beforehand. And then we chose the rituals that we would want. Our poojari was really open to suggestions. We had the sapta-padi, kanyadan, the thread ceremony – which was the cutest part where we were literally tied together but most importantly we took wedding vows!  We also enjoyed the “jutay churane wala ceremony” and the ceremony where my brothers pulled Sandeep’s ears he he. We also didn’t go with traditional wedding dress colours. Both of us didn’t want to have anything covering our head so we didn’t. So in a way we wanted a Bollywood style mix masala wedding and that’s exactly what we did!

Where did you buy your outfits from?

For Mehendi and Haldi ceremony, I was wearing Anarkali dresses that were comfortable. For the wedding I wore a beautiful off-white and bronze lehenga with pink/purple border which I bought from KALKI (Santacruze west,S.V.road Mumbai). And Sandeep’s Sherwani was from Manyavar (Santacruze west,S.V.road Mumbai)

How long did it take you to find your lehenga/ saree. How did you know “this is it!!!” 

We didn’t plan on this but both our wedding attires were brought on the same day. It took us the whole day though! I think what most of the brides should do is keep a window of at-least 30 days because the dresses always need alteration and fitting. I wasn’t aware of this! We didn’t have enough  time so we managed to get things done in 20 days. I would ask brides to go in with an open mind! Sometimes certain ensembles just click. If you look for a particular colour, you might miss out on the good ones. Just go in the store and try out a variety and see what looks good on you. Of course I wasn’t going to buy a white dress. But I did have my “this is it “ moment and I couldn’t help but smile when I wore the lehenga. I am so so glad I went for it. Also we bought the grooms dress before my dress. It’s just a matter of luck that we liked dresses that complimented each other. But I think grooms are not given enough choice and that’s totally unfair! I am really glad that our wedding shopping went the other way round.

Tell us about all the fun functions!!!

We enjoyed our Haldi and Wedding. On the haldi day we had a small homely function with family and friends on our terrace. And to surprise me Sandeep had asked our friends to play “Saudebazi” song from Akkrosh when we entered the venue!! It was a filmy entrance with the music, lights, cameramen and our friends putting flower petals to walk on! And during the Haldi function my friends played “Navrai majhi ladachi” from English Vinglish which just gave the right sort of environment to or function.It was so much fun.

But of course the wedding day was the best. My cute groom danced in his own barat with my brothers and his best friends! And then both of us were carried to the mandap. The wedding venue was superduper gorgeous and dreamy at night. We had a sweet little bridesmaid who was actually the grooms favourite cousin and partner in crimeJ. Moreover we got to do the wedding rituals that we wanted there was no cultural dominance and there were absolutely “No tears”!!!

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Who was your makeup artist and photographer?

My make-up was done by Fatima Soomar who was introduced to me by my photographer Payal Kumar.

I had a horrible experience with makeup artist 4 days before the wedding on a trial that I was charged horrendously. So I was really terrified about the makeup. But Fatima was bliss. She sent me references of makeup and hairstyles through emails as we didn’t really have time for a trial, and she understood the idea that I didn’t really want to look like a made-up, pasty bride! And she really did an awesome job on the wedding day!

Payal had done a shoot for one of my friends. More than me, Sandeep was very adamant that we had Payal as our photographer. Man ‘She’ rocks !!!!  Her work speaks for herself. She has a talent to capture emotions and is a great friend who makes you feel comfortable in from of the camera. I wouldn’t really imagine my wedding without her! We seriously owe a lot to Payal for beautifully capturing our precious memories.

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