This time  for P&B Snapshots, we are upping the bling quotient ladies!!!

We asked you girls to send us pictures of your favourite baubles and you did not dissapoint one bit!!! From Chunky, funky neck pieces to elegant bracelets- this one is a total Drool-Fest !!! You know how in cartoons where a characters eyes pop in and out and his tongue hangs out. That’s pretty much me right now!


I say  “These earrings are my everyday wear pieces . I lovvvee them because they are modern, so can totally go with western outfits and are blingy enough to go with Indian wear as well.Iv got a matching ring too! I got this from Dhirsons Jewellers in GK-1 M Block Market”

Aditi Sharma

Aditi says, “The Peacock bracelet is my favorite for Indian attire as it adds that traditional touch, and the golden broad bangle is my personal anytime favorite, as it blends very well with Indian wear and teams up super chic with western evening gowns or dresses as well. Next is the pearl bracelet, I really like to work it up with plain chiffon sarees, the emerald in the center gives a very royal look.”

PS: Aditi OMG im totally drooling. Where is that pearl bracelet from? How much? I want!!!!

Fashion PhD

Fashion PHD sent us this photo of her fav piece of jewellery and this funky necklace is available on the Classy & Fabulous Shop


Vipra  says, “My Current Favorite : Heart Shaped Pendant Neck-piece from Claire’s <3”Kayennat

Kayennat says, “Could not narrow it to 1 so chose my 4 most used items :)  My engagement ring, My favourite arm candy, My Swarovski heart pendant and My charm bracelet (Bracelet made by yours truly :) ) “

Aditi S

Adi says,”I love these dusty gold earrings that I picked up from Add Ons. They’re a steal in 200 bucks and I love that they are super long and have these multiple ‘threads’ that cluster together :D”


Hiba  says,” love wearing this chunky box chained necklace by BBling Accessories since it goes well with trousers,dresses and even with Indian dresses.”

RainaRaina says, “These are my Diamond pendant and gold chain from Malabar Gold & Diamonds Young flower Collection.They are my daily work wear jewellery, they are light and not that consipicous unless they are looking on your neck :P I love them and love it more when even random people compliments me for it  ;) “


Jinshy says, “Even though this are not my most favourite jewels, these are the ones which I can totally trust on to spice up any boring work outfit of mine. My fossil watch, mango long chain, black diamond antique ring from a shop called nose in Malaysia and my pink pearl and blue eye charm bracelet from Istanbul, turkey are the classic best friends of mine.”

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