That is Adore Bleu. Nope, thats not a dish in Gordon Ramseys restaurant…its a periwinkle blue from the Bourjois Paris Rendesvous So Laque Glossy Nailpolish (Phew that is quite a mouthful!!!!). This range has some adorable pastels if you like those in the summer time. This particular blue is pretty, but i find that with pale blue polishes, its hard to get an even looking coat. That’s the same problem with this- it does end up looking a tad bit streaky but fares better than 90% of the other pale blue polishes in the market! Honestly though, im not a pale blue polish girl, i just dont feel they flatter my skintone!

If you are in the market for pastels then definitely dont miss Peach & Love from the same Bourjois So Laque Range. Its a gorgeous soft pink!!!!!

Price: Rs 380/-

Disclaimer: Sent by PR.

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