atin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair Removal Pads Kit Review

Guest Review By Shagufta

We girls are on a constant lookout for the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted hair. We keep looking for options that provide a painless experience when it comes to hair removal. So, today I am going to review   one such product that I found very interesting. I picked this from a local super market. It is also available on a few online shopping websites.

About Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair removal Pads Kit:

This product claims to provide a mess-free and painless experience of hair removal.

Following are the instructions/directions of use:

Skin must be dry before use. Rub the pads gently against the skin, in a slow circular motion, 4 times in one direction and 4 times in the other direction. When finished, apply a damp towel to the legs.

The Large pads are meant to be used for the legs and arms where as the Small pads are meant to be used for the upper lips, bikini line or any such difficult areas.

The kit includes a carry case which is perfect for travel purpose and it also has replacement pads which are quite easy to handle.

Features of Satin Pure Exfoliating Hair removal Pads Kit:

  • Safe, easy, painless
  • Exfoliate AND remove hair in one quick step
  • No more plucking, waxing, shaving, harsh chemicals or expensive laser procedures
  • Large buffing pad to smooth away prickly stubble on legs and arms
  • Handbag sized carry case

My Views

 I picked this up because i was very much on the lookout for a product that would mainly provide me with a mess free option when it comes to hair removal in the intimate areas. And boy, am I glad I picked this up.

The pads are of the right size, the process is completely mess free. I have so far only used it on my legs and I absolutely love it for the job it does. All I need to do is to exfoliate the skin (Rub the pads ) where I want the hair removal from and in a jiffy my skin is left all clean, no irritation caused at all and the skin feels great. There is a fine powder dust left on the skin which needs to be wiped off with a damp towel and you are done.Anyhow, I would not suggest this for the facial hair/ upper lip hair removal as the pack suggests as I may not want to try an exfoliating pad on my face fearing any damage to the skin.Otherwise this product is just super useful especially while you are travelling or if you have to rush to a party and don’t have much time in hand for parlor treatments.

All you need is the kit a bottle of your moisturizer when you are on the go.

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1. Very handy and mess-free

2. Hair removal for intimate areas made super easy

3. Easy on the pocket

4. Provided with a travel case

5. Does not irritate skin


None for me.


Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 180/-

Recommendation: Satin Pure Hair Removal Pads are convenient to use and great for travel, or for emergency situations before a party. Give these a try!

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