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The Bridal Files (SIL Edition) counts down the time to my Sister in Laws wedding in October/ December!

My Sis in law is the lucky girl who gets to shop in three great cities- Delhi (cos thats where her brother and me stay), Hyderabad (cos thats where her family stays ) and Mumbai (because thats where she works and her fiance stays) so she gets the best of three worlds! The edgy, funky , modern vibe of Indian wear in Mumbai, the rich and royal vibe of Indian wear in  Delhi and the old world charm of Hyderabad (Chand Baalis anyone?).

So she was here the past week to go hunt for some trousseau saris. She is totally opposite of me as a shopper btw:

Me : Go look at Shop 1, Shop 2, Shop 3…compare prices , think over it…go back to Shop 1 and Shop 2 , then finally decide Saree 2 from Shop 1. After purchasing think ten times whether Saree 3 was better. Think that next time yll go to Shop 4 as well !

SIL: Go look at Shop 1 . Like Saree 5,7, Done.


“Lets go shopppinnnggg”

So we went to South Ex where we hit the usual haunts-Roop , Greenways, Perfection etc. This time it was me, the boy, my sil and her fiance all four of us going shopping. See now this is new to me, because usually my husband will not be caught dead anywhere near an Indian wear store and he has pretty much zero interest or opinions on anything like sarees. I think hes even made statement like “ How do you know this saree will fit”  and im like…err..there are no sizes in Sarees …

But this time both the boys were quite vocal in their opinions and after never-ending trials, endless cups of coke (Thank you saree shops for the nice beverages you kept giving) we ended up buying 3 sarees- a beautiful pink and gold  chantilly lace (my fav) ,  a red with a colorblocked printed pleats   and a pale cream with pink detailing and a narrow pallu. (Yeh Butterfly saree hai madam, said the sales guy. No idea what that means, but ok…as long as its not going to fly away ill take it)

Me ” You need to get some heavier sarees also yknow. Here look at this one -Points to a pretty plain lime green saree with a broad lace border “

SIL ” omg thats tooooo heavy . How will i wear it”

 Me ” umm..its a PLAIN saree. How is it heavy -im totally confused. “

SIL : ” No no the border is too wide its tooooo heavy for me. Lets forget me and look for sarees for mom to wear for a wedding. She picks up a plain blue chiffon saree with a silver border”

Me mouth open ” Are you kiddin? She is the mother of the bride. She cant wear itna light saree”

SIL & Boy : “No No, even this is too heavy for her i think”

At this point of time im thinking this brother sister trio has lost their minds. So we called up mommy and after she describing the saree to her she was like “Umm wont it be too dark? Is the silver too shiny? It sounds too heavy? How thick is the border? I dont want to look heavy“. Okay then, looks like im in the minority here (you see when you are the only punjabi in the room, everything looks too ‘light’ to you).


Chantilly lace saree we bought

Sarees That are in Vogue For Your Trousseau:

  • Chantilly Lace (Whether its ‘in’ or its ‘out’ definitely need one. Pick one in either a pale color or a metallic color. Bright Chantilly Lace sarees can end up looking tacky)
  • “Nikasha Sarees” : These are sarees with contrast blouses, in neon colors with really pretty latkans and pom-poms in the end !! Very in !
  • The Sarees with printed pleats and colorblocked pallus: Super trendy, but personally the pleats give them a more casual look for me and since i only wear sarees on super dressy occasions i generally skip these
  • Plain, shaded sarees with mirror work blouses
  • Velvet Sarees : Yes- sarees made of velvet with georgette pleats. These looks stunning and really rich- in deep purple, emerald green and best of all in black
  • Sarees with Sabya style high collared blouses: You can pick up these blouses seperately and team them with sarees too!


A potential Engagement Outfit?

After this we stopped by at my favourite place- Hauz Khaz Village and had a nice, hearty meal at Yeti. Those of you who love those free aloo and bread they give …gimme a high five ! I then took her to Rewaaz where instantly we were both drawn to a rack where there with these cropped short jackets with zari embroidery. These jackets were teamed with lehenga -sarees in different shades…

My SIL goes to the try room and comes out wearing a royal blue cropped  jacket with silver zari embroidery at the collar paired with a soft baby pink chiffon saree with crochet lace edging. It completely suits her petite frame , the high collared sleeveless jacket gives this royal, old world look and the soft pinkness of the saree is a beautiful, delicate contrast against it.

SIL: “I love this …I can wear this to my engagement”

Me: “Its stunning Khush!!! Take it for your trousseau, you cant possibly wear a plain chiffon saree on your engagement!! Yr the bride infront of a crowd of 500 people. Wear it to the smaller function where there will be 150 people!!!

SIL“No no, i can. Its different and unique and noones worn something like this “

Me: “Arre what will i wear if you wear thisss!!!!All my outfits are heavier than thissss!! Yr giving me tension. I dont want to look like a bride myself “

SIL is now laughing but had made up her mind she will go with the saree. Question is-royal blue jacket which looks edgy or coral jacket which goes more.

Fiance“I think coral..ok no i think Blue. No i think coral..”

Boy: “Blue is too cannes red carpet types. Take Red”

Me: “First of all that is not red, that is coral. uff. Love both, but blue maybe a bit too hatke for some of the conservative crowd. Coral is a safer option since anyway this is a different kind of concept”

Okay so 3 votes for coral

SIL “Can i bill this with the blue jacket  please?”

Umm.. ok. LOL. Thats a Mehak thing to do. Ask everyone and do your own thing Ha !

After that, i  had to go to Karol Bagh to pick up an outfit for a client for Brides by P&B and my SIL got a complete culture shock. As we were waiting in the shop, this girl came out wearing this heavily bejewelled outfit- an orange lacha which was covered with gold zari and kundan work from head to toe. The embroidery started at the shoulder, went all the way down till the ankle and it had a humungous ghera -double of a regular lehenga. The cost -2.5 Lakhs. “Mommy, can i wear this to my sangeet?” she asked. “No beta” said her mom “Trousseau ke lie le lo”. I think my SIL almost fainted.

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