You know that feeling when yr overworked and you just want to escape to a vacation and  never look back  ! That is how im feeling right now, some place like Italy..where i can soak up the warm golden sun..walk around in my flip flops, lounge about in cafe’s and take a little bit of those intricate italian gold pieces back with me! That is what todays lust list is inspired by- a touch of Gold !!! And though an Italian vacation is not on the cards this year, a trip to Mashobra and Shimla is and who says i cant do these things there haan??? Hmph.

1. Gehna Jewellers Jhumkis: Why dont more jwellers make these kind of pieces? Pieces that can transition from indian to western with ease and pretty much go with everything! I adore jhumkis and love the modern take on them this piece has- so versatile!

2. Gold Owl Flip Flops: This is so ME !!! I have no idea where these are from but these gold flipflops with the owl pattern are total, complete genius! I would buy these in a heartbeat if i ever saw them here- love the beautiful color of the gold and love the intricate patterns made on the owl !!! I wish they would do these in all sorts of animals. I would love to have a collection!

3. The Out House Cuff: Navy Blue chunky velvet with pearl and gold detailing. Whats not to love?

4.Mac Brown Luxe Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow Pallette: Its not often that Mac Pallettes excite me. But this one is RIGHT up my alley- such a beautiful pallette for warm toned girls with shades ranging from honey, to amber to gold and brown. Just a gorgeous collection of shades put together and a definite must buy from me when it launches in India

5. Chanel Reflex Blush: Been on my wishlist forever, so thought its about time it got to my lust list as well. Reflex is a gorgeous peachy gold – a great blush for those date nights where you want a kiss of gold shimmer and just as great as an understated blush for day wear as well!!

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