Who else is super excited about Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? ME ME MEEEEEE ! Though the boy is totally annoying and is prioritising Hangover 3 over YJHD, im not having any of that nonsense. Ranbir Kapoor served up on a dancing platter in a KJ rom-com with pretty faces all around AND a big fat wedding featured in it !! Even wailing banshees wont be able to keep me away (Main aaa rahi hoooon * Does slow motion jog towards Ranbir*!!!)

Anyhoo, these are items that caught my fancy for this weeks lust list!!!

1.Amrapali Panther Earrings from How freaking cool are these? Traditional indian earrings with a sahaara, but with Panthers on them !! Trust Manish Arora to collaborate with Amrapali and come up with a range of totally whacky, and insanely cool  accessories. They even have gazelle earrings, but the gazelle faces look scary :(

2.Apply Shaped Clutch from Net-a-Porter: Forgotten the name of the designer, but this quirky accessory is so me. “Wait a minute sir let me give you some cash from my apple”. I love that its made in this very pale, dusty mint sort of a colour- reminds me of what a fashion forward actress of the 1920’s would wear- pastels and pearls with a twist!

3.Jimmy Choo Fringed Clutch: As if combining hot piunk and gold wasnt awesome enough, Jimmy Choo went and put a full out rocker chick fringe to this gold clutch. SO ME!!! I wannnttt! I would totally pair that with a beige leather jacket to add a bit of girly rock vibe to the look!

4.Zoya Tinsley Polish: A beautiful, beautiful rose gold glitter polish on a bed of rose pink, this is an absolutely stunning polish for your engagement or wedding day ! I would just wear it to work, but that’s me !

5.Cushion Covers from : Krishna Mehta’s Indiacircus is slowly growing to be one of my most visited e-tailing sites….from a range of funky cushion covers, to fun iphone covers (they have one with auto rickshaws drawn on it), it definitely ups the quirk factor in my life!!

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