Blush is one of those things that can single handedly take you from cutie to clown in a matter of seconds! And even if you dont go all the way to clown, you still might not be able to get the most out of what this wonderful little powder can do to your face ! Here are some guides on how to apply blush for your specific face type.

Blush for Round Face:

Smile. See those apples of your cheek…thats NOT where you apply your blush directly. The lower 1/3 of your apple is where you start going all the way up at a sharp angle to your hairline is where you will probably get maximum benefit out of blush. This creates a contour to your face and gives the rounded-ness an angle that it needs.







See how Rani Mukherjee’s blush is kept at a sharp angle ¬†going towards the hairline at your temples to suit her round face?

Blush for Square Face

This is similar to what my face is like. A pointy chin, but otherwise a face that is sort of equal in width and length. For these face shapes, start with the lower 1/2 of your apple but instead of going at a sharp angle towards your hairline…go towards your ear at a softer angle. The point of blush here is to soften the sharp angles of your face..





Kareena has a square face (Even though in the pic it looks long). So she applied her blush starting at the lower half of the apple and going at a softer angle towards the ear

Blush for Oval Face

Well, first of all i hate you.

Second of all, pretty much any blush technique works with your face. Directly on the apples looks lovely or beneath the apples for a more chiseled look is pretty too.




Malaika’s oval face can carry off blush right at the apples

Blush for Heart Shaped Face

Start right on your apples and go almost horizontal, at a very very slight angle towards you ear. You already have a super pointy chin, so the blush can start with your apples and then just leave a trail of color in an almost horizontal way, to balance out the pointy angles of your chin.





Deepika’s heart shaped face is offset with blush going almost horizontally starting at her apples



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