There are four letters that make any woman go weak in the knees and no girls, Im not talking about ‘LOVE’ Im talking about those glittering words across a store that makes you stop in your tracks and do crazy things- ‘SALE’ and while high end brands dont really go on sale, its always comforting to find some great dupes for less. Here are some well documented dupes from P&B !

1. Chambor Brown Dazzle- Exact Dupe for Mac Teddy: Chambor Brown Dazzle is hands down the prettiest shimmery brown eyeliner i own !!! Its just absolutely gorgeous and is pretty much a 100% exact dupe for Mac Teddy . Super Recommend if you want a brown eyeliner- your hunt ends here.

2. Nyx Herades Lipstick- Close to Mac Mocha: If you are in love with Mac Mocha, you may like Nyx Herades too! While Mocha is slightly lighter than Herades and Herades is a touch more orange, on the lips they definitely look very close and Herades comes at a third the price !!

3. Inglot 407 Pearl- Close to Mac Expensive Pink Eyeshadow: Expensive Pink was my first mac eyeshadow and honestly i havent come close to finding one that is as gorgeous and as stunning as that one. The pink and gold duochrome just lifts up and opens the eye an Inglot 407 is a beautiful concoction of similar colors. It is peachier than Expensive Pink is, but both are gorgeous shades in their own right.

4. Colorbar Expensive Pink Eyeshadow -Dupe for Mac Plum Dressing: Yep, Colorbar has an expensive pink eyeshadow too (They just rip off Mac names like its nobodys business !), but this one is a plummy purple- and a very very close dupe to Mac Plum Dressing Eyeshadow. Both are beautiful , pinky purples to own in your stash!

5.Nyx Terracotta Blush- Somewhat close to Mac Sunbasque Blush: Terracotta is a shimmery, golden, peach and is said to be a dupe for Sunbasque. While i wont call it a true dupe, they definitely give a similar, golden goddess look like you just ran off the beach with glistening golden cheeks!

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