Aroma Magic Face Pack

Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 In 1 Face Pack Review

Guest Review By Swastika

Since I was a young girl , Aroma Magic products really seemed to agree with me. I started using the Mineral Glow face scrub in college and till date it is my HG face scrub. So recently when they launched this activated charcoal bamboo facepack – I was quite excited! I am a sucker for smart packaging – and this was so classy looking that I bugged my husband to take me to the mall one evening just so that I can get my hands on this.I have now used it a few times and can vouch that it is yet another great product from the Aroma Magic kitty.

This is a dark muddy face-pack. One needs to apply it for fifteen minutes on a clean face.  I look like one ghostly woman as I roam around the house with black poop on my face scaring everyone off. I scrub it off gently once it dries – giving me superbly clean skin. This has now become my Monday morning ritual – my fresh looking face gives me a reason to face Monday with a smile. My skin has a glow, looks radiant and fresh and seems to hydrate my oily skin without breaking it out.

It promises a lot of other things like tightening pores, providing youthful skin – but I believe that this can only be understood after continued usage – for the time being I am rather happy with whatever it does.

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Here is why I love it

–          Leaves my skin super clean and radiant

–          Makes my skin glow – at least for 2 days

–          Suits my oily skin to the T

–          Does not need to be followed up by a moisturizer on my oily skin

–          It works as a scrub cum face-pack

–          Requires a small amount – will last a long time

Verdict: A+

Price: 380 INR but I got it for INR 300 – an introductory offer

Recommendation: This Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Face Pack is a fantastic product from Aroma Magic – it leaves your face squeaky clean, refreshed and glowing in minutes.!

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