Aroma Magic Face Wash (3) Aroma Magic White Tea And Chamomile Face Wash Review

Guest Review By Guest Blogger Anya Singh

Packaging: The face-wash comes in a tube which has pink floral pattern. The tube appears to be soft blue in colour because of its content. The packaging is pretty and feminine and makes for a pretty sight on the bathroom shelf.

Product: The face-wash is blue in colour and has little blue beads/granules throughout. The consistency is nice- it is neither too runny nor too gel-like. A small amount of the product creates enough lather to wash the face. It also has a faint fragrance.

My Views

I have  a combination skin type (specifically its more towards the oily side in summers and dry side in winters) and finding a face-wash which caters to the needs of my skin type is not an easy task. One might also label my skin as ‘sensitive’- as it is prone to rashes and/or breakouts when i use the wrong products.

This Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile  face-wash leaves my skin squeaky clean after a day out in the pollution and also feels luxuriously good on the skin! Post using this, It does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry which a lot of facewashes can tend to do. It leaves my find my skin feeling  supple and soft, and gives this gentle calming feel to my face. I am especially happy because not a lot of products suit my skin, and this one seems to be solving the purpose of cleansing  just fine.  Also i cant deny that the ‘White Tea and Chamomile’ Tag on this face wash gives it somewhat of an exotic appeal!

Aroma Magic Face Wash (2)Aroma Magic Face Wash

Rating: A-

Price: Rs. 135 for 100gm

Recommendation: I feel that the Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face Wash will suit a range of skin types- it doesnt leave skin feeling dry and it doesnt cause breakouts either.

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