If i weren’t a beauty blogger, I would think that creams are starting to resemble bra sizes !!! BB, CC and whats next now DD for the rather well endowed girls ??? Heh! While im not a huge fan of most of these multi tasking products i thought it would be a good idea to put my economic research skills to good use and give you guys the lowdown on what the hell these double alphabets mean…

BB Creams are Beauty Balm Creams- these provide an instant layer of sheer coverage and are more used as tinted moisturizers

CC Creams are color correcting Creams- these are meant to cover up red areas, disguise uneven-nes of skintone , and dark spots.

Difference between BB Creams and CC Creams

  • Texture: CC Creams have a lighter texture than BB Creams, so a lot of users say these blend better and more effortless than the thicker BB Cream variant. They are said to have a lighter, fluffier texture that makes for a more natural – soft matte look on your face !
  • Finish : CC Creams are said to impart a  semi matte finish – BB Creams are between matte and dewy.
  • Pigmentation: CC Creams are specifically targeted toward color correction and hiding dark spots, so they are supposed to have slightly better pigmentation than BB Creams but honestly the term CC and BB is misused in the market, so you wont find this with all CC Creams.
  • Target Audience: BB Creams are targeted to a younger audience who need quick solution to even out skin tone, hydrate and step out the door. CC Creams are meant for an older audience who may have  redness of skin or a sallow complexion and need an added boost of color correction as well as anti ageing benefit in their creams
  • Hydration & Oil Control: CC Creams are meant to be more hydrating than BB Creams , while BB Creams are meant to have more oil controlling properties by acting like a primer.

As you can probably tell, both the creams do pretty much the same thing- prime, protect, even out the skin tone with a few minor differences between the two. One additional point to make is that the BB and CC Creams we get in India such as the Lakme CC Cream are not really authentic CC Creams – pretty much anything that looks, smells or snorts like a tinted moisturizer these days is labelled with a double alphabet!

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