Clinique High Lengths Mascara (6) Clinique High Lengths Mascara Review

Guest Review By Priya R

Remember the sweet deal, which Clinique offered in the month of May? Exchange your old Mascara & get a new half-sized Clinique Mascara. Well yeah I was at the Clinique Counter on day one itself exchanging my old mascara. Who would miss a chance like that? There were two options – one was High Impact Mascara & the other one had different (weird) looking wand which I picked up – Clinique High Lengths Mascara.

Product Description: Stretch limp, lifeless lashes to lengths beyond your wildest expectations. And wow – eyes look noticeably wider, fully energized. Our curved, fine-toothed comb finds the tiniest lashes and brings them out of hiding. Ophthalmologist tested and appropriate for sensitive eyes.

My Views

Clinique High Lengths Mascara has an extremely different kind of wand which atleast I have seen nowhere. The wand is neon green colored (mine is completely coated with mascara formula) and it is curved at the brim. It is a slim wand which has teeth like a comb (not bristles) which more or less looks like spikes & it is only  curvy on one side. The wand is little flexible too which helps in positioning the wand right at the roots of the lashes and wiggling it about if necessary . The flexbility of the wand is definitely helpful , but for klutz’s like me you have to be careful not to poke your eye with it (I did the first time..OWW!)

The formula of the mascara is just right, neither too thick nor too runny and hence it does not clump on the lashes. It is a very light weight mascara & I really do not feel I have coated my eye lashes with black goop. It is not waterproof but it still lasts all day and looks very natural. I generally don’t prefer water proof mascara’s as they are tough to remove & breaks my lashes in the process, so this works fine for me, as this is an everyday natural mascara and i dont want to struggle with daily removal.

The tricky part in using this mascara is that it should be positioned well to coat each & every lash but the fear of getting poked in the eyes keeps me from using this mascara in the inner most lashes. The curved wand works wonderfully for bottom lashes. It definitely gives that lengthening effect to lashes with a little bit of volume too but there isn’t anything exceptionally “wow” about it . I do have a few mascaras in my stash which gives almost equivalent result at a less price. So spending a huge  amount of money on this Mascara doesn’t make much sense for me.

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  1. Curved, slim & one –sided comb like teeth ensures coating of each & every eye lash equally
  2. Light weight formula
  3. Doesn’t clump even after few hours of wear time
  4. Does not wear off easily & lasts for longer hours
  5. Easy to remove
  6. Lengthens the eye lashes well
  7. Does not dry out in the container


  1. Price – Its just too costly
  2. Not Waterproof (This is not a con for me, but may be for others)
  3. Does not give very dramatic results like it claims- is more of a natural everyday mascara that lengthens well

Rating: B

Price: Around Rs. 1500 I think

Recommendation: Clinique High Lengths Mascara is a decent Mascara which does lengthen the eye lashes well without making them look like they are  heavily coated . It lasts for a decent amount of time and doesnt clump. While it does do well in its claims, there are a dozen other mascara’s in the market which perform better than this one, so considering mascaras have a shelf life of only 3-4 months or so, i would say snoop around before you invest in this one.

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